Trucker And Delivery Driver Shortage Freezing Supply Chain

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Don Aman of Minutemen Coffee talks to host Steve Bannon and economist Peter Navarro about the supply chain problems confronting U.S. businesses, starting with draconian California Air Resources Board standards

“What we’re seeing now is a lot of the major corporations have known about this for years… but it’s all now coming to a head. I think what’s happening is you have those larger mega corporations, they all knew about this coming in, years ago, so they started re-routing all of their containers. It’s not a port issue. It now has become a conglomeration of the CARB-compliant trucks [and other issues]. Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, they will not allow a truck on their property that is over three years old onto their property because they believe the [non-compliant] trucks are polluting the air. So now all of a sudden we have the vax mandates, factor in the Clinton administration that put a ban on trucker strikes… it’s literally just one issue piling on top of another.”

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