True The Vote has RICO Ballot Trafficking Evidence: Americans Should Care

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UncoverDC has written several articles to specifically address the details and implications of the bombshell True The Vote (TTV)/OPSEC investigation. We spoke at length on April 29 with the Founder of TTV, Catherine Engelbrecht and probed deeper into the timeline of events, actors involved, and the ways public officials and law enforcement have obstructed the investigation at almost every turn. This column serves to sturdy the foundation for further revelations and deep dives into the tributaries of TTV’s 2-year ongoing ballot trafficking investigation.

Subpoenas went out on April 21 in Georgia, referencing the TTV and OPSEC ballot trafficking investigation. The subpoenas requested—among other items—the identity of a whistleblower, his mother, and “any receipts, invoices, bills, or other documents evidencing any medical payments you or your contracted team of vendors made for any person you suspect participated in ballot harvesting in Georgia.” The main topic discussed in this column addresses why the request for those identities is, at once, egregious but also arguably unnecessary as a vehicle to prosecute the alleged crimes committed. Keep in mind that many were interviewed during the investigation, and TTV has purposely never made public some of the information in the referenced subpoena.

Examination of the subpoena may help contextualize the history of this investigation. However, True the Vote’s partner Gregg Phillips and his team at OPSEC have already delivered comprehensive data using geofencing technology and cell phone app data to potentially call this a multi-state RICO ballot trafficking operation—one that should almost certainly satisfy a serious state investigation without having to burn sources.

A Timeline Of The Investigation

Engelbrecht filled in the timeline of events for UncoverDC.

By Wendi Strauch Mahon

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