Trump Team Making ‘Big Changes’ After Kanye West Dinner: GOP Lawmaker

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said that former President Donald Trump’s team is making significant changes to his Mar-a-Lago’s vetting process following his meeting with rapper Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.

Greene told reporters Tuesday that “Trump had no idea [Fuentes] was even coming” and described the incident as “unfortunate.” Over the weekend, Trump confirmed on Truth Social that West, also known as Ye, and Fuentes met with him at his Florida resort.

Following last week’s dinner, Trump is now making “big changes over who can come in and the vetting process, which I think is smart,” Greene said, according to The Hill. “Any former president should have that in place.”

Greene told reporters that she spoke with the former president and talked to his staff about the incident and changes to the vetting process. Alleged anonymous sources within Trump’s campaign also told The Associated Press that his team is putting new protocols in place to ensure that those who meet with him are fully vetted and approved.

A Trump spokesperson has not returned an Epoch Times request comment. Neither Trump nor his campaign have publicly commented on Greene’s statement to reporters Tuesday.

While news outlets and the Department of Justice have described (pdf) Fuentes as a “white nationalist,” he’s denied that label. In a statement, Fuentes said Sunday that “I reject all labels other than Christian American.”

Earlier this year, Greene appeared at a Fuentes event and spoke, although she later distanced herself from Fuentes. When speaking to reporters, the Georgia Republican said that she doesn’t regret her message to those in the audience.

“I don’t regret talking to the kids that were there because I don’t understand why they follow him. But would I have gone to his event? No,” Greene said Tuesday, adding, “I don’t want to have anything to do with him.” Greene then wondered who is funding Fuentes and whether West is paying him.

By Jack Phillips

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