Truth Be Told Podcast: “Angry Elf – When 2 Worlds Collide” November 5, 2022

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The Right Wire Report presents the Truth Be Told Podcast with Bekah Lyons. The Truth Be Told Podcast discusses the important political and cultural issues of the week and provides analysis that will give a different perspective and how these stories will affect us all in the near future. Now, wake up and start acting. The topical notes for this November 5, 2022, “Angry Elf – When 2 Worlds Collide” episode include:

  • We Live In Two Worlds:
    • Tucker Carlson deconstructing “democracy at stake” Biden speech – see here.
      Additional Tucker Carlson’s monologue on Biden’s autocratic and chilling speech six days before the election and warning about delayed vote counts – see here.
    • Corey Digs-Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1 – see here.
    • Read. Greenwald: Meet The Consortium Imposing The Growing Censorship Regime – see here.
    • Video: Mass Formation Psychosis – How a Population Loses Touch with Reality – see here.
    • A List of some attacks on Republicans – see here.
    • The Presidential historian Michael Beschloss on MSNBC democracy or death pitch – see here.
  • State of the Race:
    • RCP Now Projects 54 GOP Senate Seats As New Hampshire Leaning Red – see here.
    • FiveThirtyEight polling has Senate in a dead heat leaning Republican plus 2 – see here.
    • Midterm spending shattered records approaching $17 billion – see here.
    • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that undated mail-in ballots cannot be counted in this year’s midterm election – see here.
    • CBS Battleground poll: 8 out of 10 Americans say ‘things are out of control’ – see here.
    • WSJ Poll on women voters – see here.
    • CBS Polling Gaslights viewers (Chart of the Day) – see here.
    • The Democrat Party and leftists have no shame or conscience. They have dragged out the estranged and grieving mother of US Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick to blame Kari Lake of all people for his death – see here.
    • True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht call from a prison cell – see here.
    • Trump announces he is suing NY AG Letitia James – see here.
    • Obama was heckled by anti-war protesters – see here.
  • Quick Hits (round-up of important headlines):
    • Follow up on Pelosi Attack – see herehere, herehere, and here.
    • Russia officially fingers the UK for blowing up the Nordstream 2 pipeline with US/NATO Proxies – see here.
    • Russia warns any US involvement in the Ukraine war, they will consider all targets, including commercial satellites – see here.
    • “Let’s Get Out Of NATO”: Discontent Soars Across Europe As Russian Sanctions Backfire – see here.
    • United States Military personnel have been deployed to Ukraine in a limited scope presently – see here and here.
    • Electricity and water systems are down in much of Ukraine and now the capital Kiev – see here and here.
    • Poll: Nearly 60 percent of Americans would support the United States engaging in diplomatic efforts “as soon as possible” – see here.
    • Brazil Elections – corruption summary and Tucker Carlson’s take – see here and here.
    • Economic news, Feds raise rates and slow pivot – see here.
    • Lower labor participation rate in the jobs report and a 2.3 million jobs gap? See here.
    • SCOTUS – Affirmative Action Case – see here.
    • A link to daily Covid updated info – see here.
    • Covid, see here and here.
    • Covid article on Pfizer – see here.
    • MSNBC Tiffany Cross’s contract has not been renewed. Here are some of her racist, hate-filled, bigoted rant selections – see here.
  • Culture Wars:
    • The French government demanded that Rumble remove content the government does not support on Russia, so Rumble walks – see here.
    • The Atlantic publishes Brown University Professor Emily Oster’s plea for pandemic amnesty – see here.
    • Sunny Hostin likens white women who vote GOP to “Roaches voting for Raid’ – see here.

Truth Be Told Podcast: “Angry Elf – When 2 Worlds Collide” November 5, 2022:

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart