Truth Be Told Podcast: “COVID, Totalitarian Dry Run For CBDC” February 4, 2023

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The Right Wire Report presents the Truth Be Told Podcast with Bekah Lyons. The Truth Be Told Podcast discusses the important political and cultural issues of the week and provides analysis that will give a different perspective and how these stories will affect us all in the near future. Now, wake up and start acting. The topical notes for this February 4, 2023, “Covid, Totalitarian Dry Run For CBDC” episode include:

  • Default, Debt, And Liberty:
    • Steve Bannon interview with Economist, EJ Antoni – see here.
    • Average American Family Has Effectively Lost $7,100 under Biden economic policies – see here.
    • Revenue to the treasury is 11.8% increased, yet we still run a 1.4 trillion deficit -see here.
    • Tucker Carlson & Catherine Austin Fitts: CBDCs Will Be Used To Control You – see here.
    • “State of Control” Documentary – see here while still free.
    • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s discussion with Jason Whitlock about Elites, Intelligence Agencies, and totalitarian control – see here.
    • The Overton window is explained – see here.
  • Bidens, Biolabs, Ukraine/Russia Conspiracies, Oh My!:
    • Is Russia spilling the beans on the corruption in the US and Bidens? Any rational person would want an investigation of whether it’s true or not. See here.
    • This is the One Thread On Ukraine You Cannot Miss – Is This the Reason US Gov. Is Desperately Involved? See here.
    • US coordinated bio-labs and research institutes inside Ukraine graphic- see here – Hunter Biden’s firm invested $500,000 in Ukrainian bio-lab operator Metabiota, which then received a $23.9 million contract from the Pentagon for bioresearch – see here.
    • Hunter Biden Crimes and Corruption Related to Classified Docs, Espionage, FARA Violations, and Connections to Biolabs in Ukraine – see here.
  • Uncomfortable Covid Truths:
    • Follow up Project Veritas – Pfizer Director Jordon Trishton Walker Shares Concern for COVID Vaccine Effect on Women’s Reproductive Health … ‘There is Something Irregular About the Menstrual Cycles’ … ‘Affecting Something Hormonal’- see here.
    • Inside The Secret Government Meeting On COVID-19 Natural Immunity, They Knew – see here.
    • A growing number of physicians say they will not get Covid vaccine – see here.
    • Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows ‘Little To No Difference’ In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection – see here.
    • This is the One Thread On Ukraine You Cannot Miss – Is This the Reason US Gov. Is Desperately Involved? See here.
    • Top Insurance Analyst Josh Stirling Finds a 7% Increase In Aggregate Mortality for Each C19 Dose Received and compared to UK study – see here.
  • Quick Hits (round-up of important headlines):
    • Russia updates See here, here, here, and here.
    • Escobar: A Panicked Empire Tries To Make Russia “An Offer It Can’t Refuse” – see here.
    • Chinese Spy Balloon found over Montana – WTF? See here.
    • Video of supposed military mobilization carried out in Ukraine? See here.
    • What Was Behind Today’s “Wow, Wow, Wow” Jobs Report – see here.
    • Economy – Charts of the day, here, and here.
    • Gallup polling cites government and inflation as top problems – see here.
    • Biden’s beach house searched by FBI, a chain of custody issues – see here.
    • An email from Hunter Biden to US aluminum company Alcoa is raising fresh concerns over the first son’s access to classified documents – see here.
    • Canadien Farmers ordered to waste 30,000 liters of milk production – see here.
    • The House on Thursday voted to pass a resolution removing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from her position on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Watch multiple videos of the Democrat squad having meltdowns on the House floor – see here.
    • Trump visits South Carolina campaigning and has a prayer moment in an Ice Cream shop – see here.
  • Culture Wars:
    • One of the stars of Disney’s upcoming Marvel series Ironheart has expressed hope that the show will appeal to transgender children and teens by giving them validation and something to emulate – see here.
    • ChatGPT, the AI chatbot created by Microsoft-funded Open AI, is once again displaying its political bias, responding to prompts asking it to praise Joe Biden but refusing to do so for former president Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – see here.

Truth Be Told Podcast: “Covid, Totalitarian Dry Run For CBDC” February 4, 2023

By Bekah Lyons

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