Tucker: The New York Times’ coronavirus coverage can be explained in 4 steps

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Tucker Carlson discusses how The New York Times’ coronavirus coverage goes like this, Blame Racism, Play down the risk, Politicize the Crisis, Blame Fox News.

Well, The New York Times, in case you don’t read it, still being published, still out of New York, ran a piece the other day with this headline, “ALARM DENIAL BLAME THE PRO TRUMP MEDIA IS CORONAVIRUS DISTORTION.” They hit the same themes, and to tell you the New York Times coronavirus coverage, on this show and elsewhere, followed a certain pattern. The pattern they told us went this way:

Step 1: Blame China. According to the New York Times, quote, When the virus ravaged China some pundits on the right warned that the country couldn’t be trusted to contain the outbreak or share accurate information about where it originated. Can you believe they thought that. Where did they get that idea? Because it’s true, but the New York Times doesn’t admit that. 

Then Step 2: Playing Down the Risks, Followed by Step 3: Share Survivor Stories, to show the virius wasn’t so bad, and finally Step 4: Blame the Left. Now as you’re aware from watching this program and from living in this country, whatever these people accuse you of doing is 100% of the time exactly what they’re doing themselves, and that of course was the case here. 

As you know the establishment press has been screwing up coronavirus stories from day one. So there are four steps to understanding their coverage and here’s what they are. The first step, as usual, Blame Racism. Here are two New York Times headlines from the early days of the outbreak. AN OUTBREAK OF RACIST SENTIMENT AS CORONAVIRUS REACHES AUSTRALIA. In other words, people’s bad opinions are worse than a pandemic. Here’s another IN EUROPE, FEAR SPREADS FASTER THAN THE CORONAVIRUS ITSELF. 

Okay, so then as the virus kept spreading there was Step 2: Play Down the Risk, which the New York Times assiduously did. On January 29th the paper warned you to BEWARE THE PANDEMIC PANIC. Calm down, ladies and gentlemen. A week later they asked, “who says it’s not safe to travel to China, book a ticket to Wuhan, racist. Somehow telling the public the coronavirus was no big deal didn’t, in the end, contain the virus, so The Times went to Step 3 Politicize the Crisis, calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus of the Wuhan virus is bigotry, the paper will tell you, but then no problem, on February 26th, publishing an oped saying quote, “lets call it Trump virus”, and then last week in a shameful moment that will live forever in infamy, they declared I’m quoting, “the road to coronavirus hell was paved by evangelicals.” Yeah, that’s right, a pandemic could emerge from the atheist country is really the fault of Christians says the New York Times. That tells you a lot about where they are.

Now this week the paper is settled on his favorite step, Step 4: Blame Fox News. Of course, because there’s a political strategy here. Last week they warned about quote “Fox is fake news contagion.” Then there was yesterday’s article. Talk about a lie. This show was telling you about what the dangers of this disease way back in January when the times were still wondering if it was racist to even know it existed and encouraging you to travel to Wuhan on vacation. Now we’re highlighting the continued dishonesty and malevolence of China. Meanwhile the New York Times and their star reported, Donald McNeil, is going over to MSNBC to deliver unpaid infomercials for the Chinese Communist Party. Watch this.

Donald McNeil Infomercial: In China there are forty thousand doctors, nurses, respiratory technician went from all over China to Wuhan and helped the Wuhan doctor’s fight the virus. There’s no more virus in Wuhan. Those doctors have all gone home. There have been victory parades from them, gratitude, flowers, everything. Their heroes. They not only have the skills, a lot of them caught the virus and are now immune, so they can do a lot of things that would be dangerous for someone who hasn’t got the virus to do. I don’t see why we couldn’t hire for our pandemic those doctors, nurses, respiratory technicians…

If your Donald McNeil’s editor and you’re watching this, aren’t you calling him, you know, his supervisor saying, bring McNeil in and he’s he’s giving away the truth. What a show. Bring in Chinese doctors to run our hospital, that’s his take. It’s not surprising though. Apparently Chinese doctors already run the New York Times.

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