Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth

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If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the fierce debate surrounding vaccination and looking for information that will allow you to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are a parent or a parent to be, sorting through the many arguments on vaccines can be daunting. Still, you need an answer, a definitive one, to the crucial question: Who has it right in the great vaccine debate – the critics, who claim that vaccines often cause serious harm, or the medical establishment, which tells us that vaccines are safe and effective and the science is settled?

Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth will resolve the vaccine question for you, once and for all. By the time you finish reading, not only will you see the answer clearly for yourself, you will also have the scientific references and specific quotes at your disposal that prove it – more than 1,200 of them – all from mainstream scientific papers and textbooks, the official publications of relevant government agencies, or manufacturers’ documents.

The book consolidates a great deal of information (accompanied by detailed analysis) that is scattered in hundreds of medical articles, books, and websites. All discussion is presented in clear and easy-to-understand language, so no medical education is required. It presents several original concepts in addition to laying a robust scientific foundation for the more established ones.

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Some of the fundamental vaccine safety issues covered in the book are:

  1. How is safety demonstrated before a new vaccine is licensed? What technique do vaccine manufacturers use in clinical trials to make vaccines appear safer than they actually are?
  2. What “last ditch” technique is employed when the above one cannot be, and what are its grave (and damning) ethical implications?
  3. What is the scientific foundation of the safety of vaccination, and what practical tools does this body of science provide physicians to anticipate, diagnose, and treat vaccine injury?
  4. What fundamental flaws are built into vaccine adverse events reporting systems, and how are these systems used (or misused) by health authorities to support their safety claims?
  5. What kinds of post-marketing vaccine studies are conducted, and how can they be manipulated by researchers to produce “favorable” outcomes?
  6. Why would researchers want to skew vaccine research, and how could skewed results be promulgated by the scientific community?
  7. Why would medical journals publish faulty vaccine science? What is the role of the famed “peer review” in this process?
  8. What are “the studies that will never be done” by the medical establishment and how long it has resisted doing them? (Hint: more than 100 years!)
  9. What key CDC-recommended childhood vaccination guidelines were arbitrarily set, without an adequate scientific basis?
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In addition, three cornerstones of vaccination lore are covered in depth:

  1. What is herd immunity, and how does it apply (or not) to the vaccines on the childhood schedule?
  2. What role did vaccines actually play in the historical decline of infectious disease?
  3. Was the paralysis associated with polio actually caused by the poliovirus? Is there a better explanation for the great paralysis epidemics of the 20th century? What are the “19 polio mysteries”?

The book is intended for parents overwhelmed by conflicting messaging on this important topic, but it is also an excellent reference for medical researchers and professionals who seek a better understanding of vaccine safety science. Whether you are new to the vaccine debate or a “veteran” seeking a deeper grasp of the science, this book is a must-read. It also serves as an excellent primer on vaccination to share with friends and relatives who may benefit from a deep dive into the subject.

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Editorial Reviews


“We have found the book to be well written, serious, scientific and important… We sincerely recommend it as a scientific, medical, and public ‘must read’. This book should be central to a scientific, rational, logical, skeptical, and critical discussion on routine vaccination… The authors should be congratulated on their vast scientific in-depth endeavor as well as on their courage to think outside the ‘establishment box’.”—Nati Ronel, Professor of Criminology, and Eti Elisha, Senior Criminologist, in Harefuah Medical Journal, Sep. 2019

“This is a wonderful book – indeed, a masterpiece – and one that really needed to be written. Clearly written and very comprehensive, it is an invaluable source of knowledge for all truly interested individuals, parents as well as physicians. The title may seem puzzling at first, but once you read the book you’ll realize it is a stroke of genius. I congratulate the authors on a work extremely well done.”—Russell L. Blaylock M.D., Neurosurgeon, Author of The Liver Cure

“In the complexity of the modern world, where media manipulation is ubiquitous, it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction, truth from propaganda. To truly understand an issue, we can no longer just trust what we are told, we must first verify through our own research and exploration. This is your opportunity to research and explore a topic of enormous importance to society. There is powerful truth told in this book, rigorously researched, meticulously documented, and written with impeccable integrity.  History will judge Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth as an important anchor to truth at a time when so little of what we read and watch can be trusted.”—Beth Lambert, Author of A Compromised Generation and Brain Under Attack

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“I strongly recommend that you read the most important book ever written about vaccines. The book presents hundreds of facts, backed by solid scientific references, which will leave you speechless. The authors present an unprecedented analysis of the world of vaccines. The book shatters myths that we grew up on, one by one. And it does so elegantly and logically. It reads almost like a fiction thriller – when I read it, I could not put it down. It presents everything the medical establishment knows and does not want you to know. An entire world is about to be revealed to you. It is no exaggeration to say that this book is about to start a revolution.”—Gil Yosef-Shachar M.D.

Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth is a well-documented and persuasive guidebook to vaccination. The book could be, and should be, a game changer. I congratulate the authors on a work well done!”—Neil Z. Miller, Medical researcher, Author of Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

“This impeccably researched and documented book formulates a cohesive and clear view of the vaccine science that is scattered in numerous scientific papers and government documents. It is a real eye-opener, guaranteed to change your thinking. You may find it hard to believe what you read, but with the documentation right there, in front of your eyes, the conclusions are inescapable.”—Patricia Lemer M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor, Author of Outsmarting Autism: Build Healthy Foundations for Communication, Socialization, and Behavior at All Ages, Chair Emeritus, Epidemic Answers

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Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth is an extraordinary book, as its name implies. This is a must-read for anyone who wants an in-depth introduction to the subject of vaccines to make informed decisions for themselves and their family.
The authors deserve many compliments for their comprehensive and thorough work, based mainly on sources from the scientific literature and the websites of health authorities. The book presents its arguments in clear and easy-to-understand language so that a medical education is not required in order to read it and benefit from it. However, I also strongly suggest that medical professionals of all fields delve into it. Personally, I learned a lot from reading the book and I highly recommend it.”—Haim Rosenthal M.D.

“While the media is saturated with messaging that vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ an increasing number of parents are growing skeptical of this narrative. This book is a comprehensive and exceptionally well documented look into the ‘science’ behind vaccine safety, exposing the fact that most of the supporting evidence is based on shoddy research biased by vested interests. This is arguably the most thorough and persuasive book on the market on this important topic.”—Stephanie Seneff Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, MIT, Author of Toxic Legacy

Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth is an important book, because it fills a gap that has long begged to be filled. It explains the science behind vaccines, distilling down a huge amount of literature, making a solid understanding of the science accessible to any committed reader. Until now, books on vaccines were either too technical for the average reader, or too simplified, or were not up to date on the current issues facing the vaccine enterprise.
Every parent should have this book in their library.”—Meryl Nass M.D.

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“If you are in the habit of quoting CDC as an authority on vaccine safety and efficacy, this book will break you of that habit. Our society is engaged in an existential battle between those willing to acknowledge the evidence on vaccine safety and those who make claims based on falsified and fraudulent data. In just over 500 pages, the exquisitely referenced ‘Turtles’ presents reality-based fact after fact, demolishing false claim after false claim made by vaccine proponents until the truth becomes inescapable.”—James Lyons Weiler Ph.D., IPAK-EDU.org 

“This book is a phenomenal resource for parents navigating the decision-making process about whether or not to vaccinate their children or for any truth-seeker daring to journey down the rabbit hole of vaccine science. Extraordinarily well written and organized, this book is the perfect primer to quickly empower the reader with a clear understanding of how the public has been bamboozled with the scientifically meaningless claim that all vaccines recommended by the CDC are ‘safe and effective’. Anyone who reads this book will come away with a firm understanding of the gross inadequacies of vaccine studies and the institutionalized corruption that enables the so-called ‘public health’ establishment to sustain the illusion that public vaccine policy is evidence-based.”—Jeremy R. Hammond, Independent Researcher, Journalist, Author of The War on Informed Consent: The Persecution of Dr. Paul Thomas by the Oregon Medical Board

“This is the book we’ve been waiting for.”—Lisa Joyce Goes, The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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