Twitter Allowing ‘Active Spy From the CCP’ to Infiltrate Platform ‘Very Troubling’: Gettr CEO

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Advanced Tiktok algorithm essentially ‘a national security threat’, says Jason Miller

Gettr’s CEO said that recent whistleblower allegations that Twitter allowed a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agent to be a part of the company are “very troubling, very problematic.”

“The reason why they allowed this person to stay in their position was because Twitter is so dependent now on mainland China for revenue streams,” said Jason Miller in an interview with NTD’s “Capitol Report.”

“They don’t currently want to upset the CCP. Now, if I’m [a] Republican on Capitol Hill, or a Democrat … I hope there are follow-ups and letters being fired off to Twitter, saying who is this CCP spy? And why have they not yet been removed from your ranks?”

Miller said that Twitter was the de-facto “digital town square” of the world, and that’s why Elon Musk wanted to buy out the company, and also why Gettr was launched, to “decentralize some of these free speech rights to make sure that not all of our communications are being held by a company as troubled as Twitter.”

Whistleblower Allegations

According to Peiter Zatko, a whistleblower who served as Twitter’s head of security for about 14 months before being fired earlier this year—for questioning executives over foreign agents—Twitter was informed by the U.S. government that at least one agent of the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) was working at the company. The MSS is equivalent to the CIA in the United States.

“When I said, ‘I am confident that we have a foreign agent,’ [the executive’s] response was, ‘Well since we already have one, what does it matter if we have more; let’s keep growing the office,’” Zatko recalled during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Sept. 13.

Even though Twitter is banned on the Chinese mainland, Zatko alleged that the platform has become increasingly dependent on Chinese sales. This dependence put Twitter’s Chinese users, who circumvent the CCP’s censorship firewall, at risk of being captured by the CCP.

By Steve Lance and Naveen Athrappully

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