Twitter is a Weapon, not a Business

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In the information war, nothing is what it seems, and your mind is the battleground

I am constantly amazed at the naivety of many of my colleagues regarding the media landscape and ongoing unrestricted information warfare practices. Here are two recent examples just to illustrate the point. If you choose to participate in Twitter, you are feeding a Cyber Warfare engine. So just stop.

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From the article “Cyber Warfare: A New Frontier in Foreign Policy” (published in 2016)

“Much like the chlorine gas and machine guns of World War I, our governments have a new generation of weaponry at their disposal. The world has never seen a planet encompassing cyber war, nor could it imagine the consequences of digital attrition and its effects on the real world. Unlike conventional warfare, there was no Geneva Convention outlining the moral standards for cyber attacks on nation states. But most importantly, it is difficult to decipher the point in which a cyber attack warrants a direct military response.”

People think of me as just having understanding of one domain, basically vaccines, biodefense, FDA/regulatory affairs and suchlike. I routinely get advised to “stay in your lane” by various media figures. What they have problems understanding is that my experience is much broader than that. Good heavens, I came up with the RNA as a medicine/vaccine platform idea when I was 28. I have done a lot since then, despite the gaslighting and what Paul Offit may spew.

Among other things, as a consultant I have won billions and billions of dollars in federal contract awards for my clients when acting as proposal manager, subject matter expert, and proposal author. This is because I have the ability to dive into new technical domains, quickly understand the fundamentals, and then write convincing proposals in response to US Federal requirements. As a consequence, I have signed many non-disclosure agreements (which limit what I can disclose about what I know), and have performed deep dives into a variety of different business and technical/strategic plans. <For the record- My pay rate for this work was typically $300/hr, which is modest for someone with my knowledge base and track record. Enough to pay the bills, but not enough to yield the “millions” of dollars which the trolls claim that I have been paid>.

By Robert Malone

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