Twitter Vows to Crackdown on Users ‘Weaponizing’ Abuse Reporting System by Making Fake Complaints

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Twitter has changed its abuse and harassment policy in a crackdown on the weaponization of the user reporting system by fake complaints.

The social media platform announced on April 7 that it had updated its abuse and harassment policy to clarify how it defined “targeted harassment.”

There have been increasing complaints from individuals about being attacked and harassed by random Twitter users for their opinions in an attempt to have them driven from the app.

Twitter has responded to complaints by updating the criteria for “targeted harassment” of individuals on its website.

“We believe in free speech and we also believe users have a right to use and enjoy our platform without being subjected to targeted and repeated harassment,” Twitter said.

“We define ‘targeted harassment’ as behavior that is repeated, unreciprocated, and intended to humiliate or degrade an individual(s). This includes targeting people based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.”

After Twitter CEO Elon Musk bought the tech giant last year, there have been many changes regarding user censorship, account validation, and the restoration of previously banned accounts.

The relaxation of censorship on Twitter has led to a more relaxed and opinionated user base, but harassment and threats by extremists and left-wing social justice warriors have increased.

The rapper and podcaster, Zuby, tweeted about the various attacks and threats he receives on Twitter.

Some angry users even filed false allegations against certain individuals to Twitter monitors to get them banned or suspended.

“Fake woke idiots have tried to ‘cancel’ me many times. They’ve tried to get me banned off social media, deplatformed from speaking events, they even tried to implicate me in a murder. They failed of course. But these are not nice people. If you’ve dealt with them, you know,” said Zuby.

The artist said that many of the personal attacks are by people who have no other reason than take glee at ruining his reputation but veil their intent under the guise of virtue signaling.

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