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Something about people in glass houses…..

I’ve watched the entire Trump arrest saga (on hold as of the time of this writing) for the last week and basically reserved comment to watch things unfold. The screaming hysteria of the media, mainstream and otherwise, has shown me that there is inevitably more to any story than I’m being told.

The latest member of the Democrat Sturmabteilung to slither from the reeking morass of the Soros-funded Left turns out to be a corrupt Manhattan DA who wants to make a name for himself by indicting and perp marching Donald Trump into jail. There is no basis to his case and it was settled long ago. That’s basically the long and the short of it.

But the Democrats and their Uniparty enablers aren’t going to let it go. No way. They’re going to teach We The Great Unwashed the price of daring to think we’re still in charge. By weaponizing the legal system against the man we deigned to put in office and by association, anyone daring to believe that We the People hold the power.

Now, that’s a touch problematic for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that the Democrat Left in this country is an ongoing criminal enterprise in and of itself. So criminal, so reeking of corruption; that from California to New York, from Chicago to Washington D.C., they openly parade their sleaze in front of the American people. And call it virtue. All while an equally corrupt ‘free press’ runs the public relations interference for them. Yet when it comes time to go to court, by golly somehow that just isn’t how the justice system works. Bombshell after bombshell turns out to be a dud. Or gets defused by an opposition uniparty that is as unprincipled as the Democrats.

The Biden crime family, Anthony Fauci’s Covid perfidy, The Steele Dossier, Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, stolen elections, East Palestine, the money laundering ‘war’ in the Ukraine, the SVB bailout…the list could go on and on but I only have a couple thousand words here. The point being that despite the media coverup, the facts of the crime are plainly available with a minimum of research, and yet the Democrat Left is never called to account.

But literally anything a conservative does comes under the heading of a high crime and misdemeanor. Warranting full weaponization of government and possible mobilization of their idiot foot soldiers in the streets to injure people and destroy property. Oh by the way, if you’re an average American who showed up to protest peacefully on January 6th and were ushered into the Capitol by the police, you warrant rotting in jail without due process. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Banana.

The Federalists published an incisive summary of the Democrats’ two-tiered fascism. And they’re right: The GOP needs to respond. Not with hearings, not with endless investigations not with ‘strongly worded letters.’ With genuine arrests and prison time for the Anthony Fauci, Joe Bidens, and Hillary Clinton’s of the world. They need to ride right over the top of the bought and paid-for pearl clutchers like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnel, et al and grow the backbone to restore the rule of law. 

People in glass houses, Democrats. And the irony is you’ve spent the last twenty-five plus years openly handing us the stones.

By Sgt. Rock

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