Two years later, Jan. 6 video footage raises new questions about police and prosecutors

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Retired deputy police chief reveals there are sizzle reels of every defendant in the Capitol, as prosecutors admit footage shows undercover cops inciting protesters.

Two years after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the issue of security footage is bedeviling law enforcement as federal prosecutors belatedly admit there is footage of some cops consorting with the riotous crowd and a retired Capitol Police executive divulges there are sizzle reels of all defendants inside the Capitol that were prepared for the FBI.

Retired Capitol Police Deputy Chief J.J. Pickett told Just the News on Monday that he is not certain whether federal prosecutors have turned over to Jan. 6 defendants the compilation videos made by his department of every person who entered the U.S. Capitol during the riot.

Pickett, who retired a few months after the Capitol riot, said he was briefed by colleagues on the extensive video sizzle reel his department’s video security experts compiled, which he said took months to complete.

“The FBI would send them a picture on some kind of online clip, something of a person,” Pickett said during a wide-ranging interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “And they would go to that area in the Capitol Building looking at the cameras, and it was kind of like a Where’s Waldo. And they would find that person.

“And then from there, they would follow their movement, both forward and back from that location, and basically stitch together a video of that person from the time they entered Capitol grounds until the time they exited Capitol grounds. And they would put all that into one clip.”

Asked whether the videos were turned over to defense lawyers, Pickett said he retired and does not know what federal prosecutors did with the footage shared with the FBI.

“The prosecution has to divulge all the information they have, and the FBI and the Capitol Police have to divulge it all to the prosecutors so they have it,” he said, describing how defendants should have been alerted.

By John Solomon and Nicholas Ballasy

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