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This is Free the People’s Socialism Kills YouTube Playlist. This playlist includes information about socialism and communism, discussing the effects on nations caused by leaders who promote these political and economic governments.

Video 1: Socialism Kills: Tito’s Reign of Terror

In today’s socialism vs. capitalism debate, learn about the deadly rule of Josip Broz Tito in Serbia (former Yugoslavia). See how it’s being erased from history and why we should never forget the atrocities of socialism.

Video 2: Political Prisoners and Crony Courts in Venezuela

In socialist Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro has instituted military courts and uses gangs to round up protesters for speaking out against the government. The father of one of the country’s most celebrated activists, Leopoldo López, explains how bad it’s really gotten.

Video 3: Socialism Kills: The Khmer Rouge

To keep you is no benefit, to lose you is no loss. This was the philosophy of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, where socialism killed one in four Cambodians.

Video 4: Fidel Castro Was No Man of the People

Castro’s death gives us the opportunity to learn about the failures of socialism, but don’t expect to hear the truth from world leaders who praise the dictator who killed 141,000 people.

Video 5: Socialism: Keep It In The Family

Kim Jong Un has come up with the craziest variation on socialism ever: treat it like a hereditary monarchy.

Video 6: Socialism Kills: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe describes himself as “the Hitler of the time” as his people are oppressed and starved.

Video 7: Venezuela’s Gun Grab

Venezuela’s socialist government is grabbing people’s guns, the same step the preceded genocide in other socialist regimes.

Video 8: Socialism Kills: Mao’s China

Chairman Mao’s Great Leap forward was a socialist plan to turn farmers into steelworkers. In the end, neither food nor steel got produced, while millions starved.

Video 9: Venezuela Closes Its Borders

In the continuing power struggle that is Venezuelan socialism, the country has closed its borders to stop people getting food from other countries.

Video 10: Socialism Kills: Venezuela

Things in Caracas, Venezuela have gotten so bad that it’s almost unbelievable.

Video 11: Socialist Hellhole: Venezuela

Socialism kills, but you don’t need to go back in history to understand the meaningful and devastating impact this toxic ideology has. Just look at Venezuela today.

Video 12: Socialism Always Devolves into Dictatorship

Nicolas Maduro has squashed efforts to recall him, proving once again that centralized power is at the root of socialism.

Video 13: Kibbe: No Satisfaction in Socialism

Matt Kibbe: “You can’t get no satisfaction from socialism!”

Video 14: How Many People Has Socialism Killed?

Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il = 100 MILLION people killed by socialism.

Video 15: Socialism 101 with Matt Kibbe

Socialism is all over the news, but, as Matt Kibbe explains, the line between being a Democrat and being a socialist can get a little blurry.

Video 16: China’s Great Leap Backward

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On October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong announced the formation of the People’s Republic of China. The goals of communist China were not so different from the goals of many socialist and communist movements today: equality, economic rights, an end to exploitation, and democracy. But goals are not the same as outcomes. Chairman Mao could not conform the Chinese economy to his will. Under his rule, millions starved and discontent grew as people’s rights were stripped away. Mao’s plans for a socialist utopia instead resulted in 45 million people dead, the largest mass murder in history.

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