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Video Transcript

This morning I saw a video that instantly made me concerned, but only without the context. It just happened in Los Angeles. A man in a wheelchair is being detained by a few police officers. It’s absolute chaos. At some point one of the officers take the wheelchair from the mine and throws it away. All of this while a few other officers try to detain the disabled man. People stream, people record this and when you look at this without the context it looks bad, it looks racist, it makes you even more angry. But I hope you give me exactly one minute to explain to you why videos like this are very dangerous.

See, nowadays on the internet people will take things out of the context and fit them into their narrative. A black man on a wheelchair getting attacked by the bad police officers, this is so racist, unnecessary and wrong. But what if I told you the same story in a different way. Before this video a man on the wheelchair punched a police officer in the face. When police started to detain him for that he consistently fought back, resisting arrest. And on top of all of it after being detained, police officers found a loaded gun in his backpack.

Two stories, two very different ways of seeing them. But most of the media we always choose the first version of the story because it generates anger and anger generates more views. What anger doesn’t do generate though is a solution to the problem. This is not about taking sides anymore, this is about fixing the bad situation. So America is going through a lot not only is it politically divided, but alos COVID-19 is out of control, and George Floyd situation created a lot of tension. The worst we can do right now is to add fuel to the fire by sharing videos with no context. It’s easy to look at this and get angry, but that anger creates more division and that is the last thing we need right now. Yes, this whole thing is not handled the best, police could have been more skillful and make it look less dramatic, but people deserve to know the full story. Before this video with no context goes viral out the truth be spread because in this case, context is a remedy to division.

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