Matt Braynard: Evidence of Vote Fraud Enough to Flip States

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Significant evidence of vote fraud was revealed through data analysis and investigations by Matt Braynard and the Voter Integrity Project. Joshua Philipp sits down with Matt Braynard to look over his data and discuss his findings.

2:40 Disguising PO Boxes as Apartments
5:20 Possible Fraud Through Ballots
6:50 Tactics Repeated Across States
8:00 What Vote Fraud Data Shows Us
10:22 Discovered Fraud Could Flip States
15:21 Data Shows Election Still Contested
13:15 Data Represents Hard Evidence
13:58 Data Will be Used In Lawsuits
14:15 Questionable Methods for Recounts

Matt Braynard is the Executive Director of Look Ahead America. He is the former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and runs the Voter Integrity Project. In this video Matt encapsulates the findings of the Voter Integrity Project’s analysis and presents his conclusions and recommendations.

In the video below Matt states, “I have no confidence that Joe Biden is the deserved winner of this election, based on our findings. He may have won, he may not have won. Trump may have lost, Trump may have been reelected. We just can’t know because of how bad this election system has operated.”

Note: The Voter Integrity Project Budget, audit, white paper and data release will be released later this week and next week.

Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

Summary of findings 7:00
Unreturned absentee 7:35
LowAct and NCOA 12:05
“Dead” Voters 19:54
Residency and Double Voting 22:05
Wisconsin Indefinitely confined 26:21
Georgia and Pennsylvania Invalid Residential Addresses 29:14
Conclusions 32:28
Final Thoughts 39:06

NYT Article Discussed in the Video

About the Voter Integrity Project

Voter Integrity Project – NC (VIP-NC) is dedicated to ensuring open and honest elections for all lawfully registered voters. We do this in a number of ways, but mainly strive to help local citizens learn how to take our electoral process back from the politicians and the bureaucrats. America’s survival as a free people depends on citizen participation. For too long, we have trusted “the government” to conduct our elections. Others took Stalin’s adage to heart and worked hard to gain jobs as “those who count the ballots” and prevent public oversight of their practices.

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