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It is well known that the voting machine vendors do lobby the politicians. The perks are very substantial. But to have the vendor’s lobbyist working in the Governor’s office is over the top.

The Georgia voting computer servers were hacked. They found this out this time but normally there is no way to tell if the computer was hacked because the source code is proprietary. No one can look at the program except the vendor.

Also, there is no paper trail so there’s no way to verify the count.

In addition, the voting computers can’t be audited. Cyber security experts don’t recommend these voting computers because they are so vulnerable to hacking and there is no transparency.

In California, we are in much the same position. If a vendor were to go to a bank and say, I have this computer for sale but you can’t see the source code that counts your money, he’d be laughed out of the building. Yet, this is our situation in the entire United States. The computers that counts our votes could be doing ANYTHING to the count and we have absolutely no way of knowing.

This is ridiculous. We’ve been duped.

Georgia Testimony in video below:

Witness: I want you folks to know that one of the individuals in the Governor’s office is still a top lobbyist for the vendor that this bill appears to be written for. His lobbyist credentials haven’t even been terminated for that vendor. Come ‘on, this is a joke.

As of this morning, there were about 8-10 unredacted proposals that the Secretary of State has had since August 2018 released. Why they weren’t released earlier is a mystery to me. Why there’s no fiscal note is a mystery to me but it’s very curious in a troubling way….The Secretary of State’s office has actually peddled false numbers….that these are bad. Costs. They might be decertified. They are less secure because there’s a computer interface at both sections. Cyber security are against them. Voters are against them. The right and the left are against them. Then there are like 14 other reasons why these are bad.
GA Senator Sally Harrell: Isn’t it true that the voting servers at KSU (Kennesaw State University) were hacked?
Witness: That is true.

Senator Harrell: And isn’t it true that there’s no way to know that the DRE (voting computers) machines have been hacked?
Witness: That’s exactly right.

Senator Harrell: Isn’t it true that there was an anomaly in the 2018 Lt. Governor’s race in which undervotes were recorded on the DRE’s but not the absentee ballots which are hand-marked paper ballots?
Witness: That is true.

Senator Harrell: And that the chances of this happening, by chance, are near zero?
Witness: That is exactly right….We don’t have any idea if these machines were ever hacked because there is NO PAPER TRAIL and we also CAN’T LOOK AT THE SOURCE CODE. These machines are not actually considered AUDITABLE at all…..Yet another problem with at least two of these vendors is that all of the scanners encrypt a time stamp. So if anyone in a small county, in particular, is the biggest risk. But any poll worker that gets inside of the machine has written down the order that people voted, no one’s vote is secret on these things because of the time stamp. None of our votes are secret on these machines. And that violates not only the bill but the Georgia constitution.

By Karen Juten

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