VP Nominee Paul Ryan Revs Up Republicans in Nevada

Paul Ryan
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Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan made his first campaign stop in northern Nevada Friday since being named to the Republican ticket. And he revved up a crowd of nearly 2,000.

“Do you want four more years of the same?” Ryan asked the crowd. “No!” they answered in unison.

“If you like a country that is in debt, in doubt and in decline stick with Obama,” Ryan said. “But we can bring this country back, we can fix the problems in Washington D.C. and we can get America back on track!” Ryan promised during his speech at Peterbilt Truck Parts and Equipment in Sparks.

He explained the Romney-Ryan five-point economic plan and said that President Obama was not a bad person, just bad at creating jobs.

KTVN Channel 2 – VP Nominee Paul Ryan Revs Up Republicans in Nevada

The crowd loved the Ryan message. Richard Quirk of Reno said, “I enjoyed it thoroughly and I agreed with almost everything he said. I think it’s time we take the country back.”

“I think it was awesome,” said Rachel Rogers of Silver Springs.

“I think it’s wonderful to see all this energy, really wonderful and it excites me!” said Janice Baldwin of Carson City.

Ryan spoke for 25 minutes and then was off to his next campaign stop in California.

Written by Erin Breen

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