Wake Up! Part Deux: The Compelled Speech Police Are Comin’ For You!

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Hot on the heels of a prescient wake up call right here on Right Wire Report, comes more news on the cultural front from our neighbors to the North.

I’ve detailed Justin Trudeau’s totalitarian tendencies (how’s that for alliteration?) in a previous column when it comes to Covid.   It seems the LGBTQ Mafia is pushing the battlefront in the culture war even further.

new law proposed in Canada would make it a crime that could be punished by a fine, jail time, or both to criticize, misgender (yes, you read that correctly), or protest Transgenderism. Anyone ‘deemed’ transphobic, homophobic, or offensive would face penalties for offending an LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ (ampersand, umlaut) person or people.

Refuse to participate in a mentally ill person’s nihilist fantasy and use their pronouns of the moment? That’ll be $25,000. Don’t want a confused potential pedophile reading Winnie the Pooh and waiving sex toys in your 2nd or 3rd grader’s face? Off to the gulag with you. Are you a parent who doesn’t believe sexually explicit materials should be presented to pre-pubescent elementary school kids? That’s not up to you, that’s up to the State; to whom your children really belong. Believe in the scientific reality that a man cannot be a woman? Listen bub, that ‘follow the science’ stuff is only good when we tell you it is. Off to the reeducation camp with you.

“But Sgt. Rock, you erudite elucidator of conservative credo,” I hear you say. “That’s in Canada. It can’t happen here in America, the land of the free. We have a first amendment that protects against such things!”

And you’d be right, dear reader. But I’d submit to you that the inroads of this kind of this Orwellian ridiculousness are already being made right here in the land of the ‘Free.’ Consider:

These are not opening skirmishes, these are major and ongoing engagements in a culture war in which conservatives and Christians have ceded territory for far too long.   The barbarians are through the gate.

It is unclear whether the Canadian measure will pass or if it’s just another virtue signal by the woke Left.   The larger point being, how does such measure, running wholly counter to the canon of freedom; gain serious traction in and enlightened Western legislative body?  Compelled speech codified into law by entitled, historically illiterate proles entertained as a legislation?  They can’t be serious.

They are, and we must take them seriously… We turn them back by not abandoning the bastions of truth and reason that have marked the upward surge of humanity since man crawled from primordial slime.

Stand fast.

By Sgt. Rock

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