#WalkAway Presents: Thought Leaders – America Burning

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Opening Statement and Introduction Transcript

Thank you for joining us and welcome to #WalkAway Presents Thought Leaders – America Burning: Race Rioting and Police Brutality. We just got to have this conversation because we thought that it was well overdue and necessary to have an open and honest dialogue. Again thank you for joining us. On the panel today we have Janelle King, the co-founder of Speak Georgia. We have Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, former member of the US House of Representatives and a retired army lieutenant colonel, Sergeant Brown, former military and a federal law enforcement officer, Katie Hopkins, who says she’s much prettier in person, an English media personality, columnist and social credit. We have Chandler Crump, a fifteen-year-old free-thinking public speaker, activist and content creator, Tyrus, a comedian and Fox News contributor. We are Kelli Anne, who is a former cop in a large Midwestern metro area, and lastly we have Brandon Straka who is the founder of the #WalkAway campaign. I am Shemeka Michelle, your moderator for today’s discussion. And again thank you for joining us and we think #walkaway for putting this on.

Hello everyone. So before we start this discussion, especially since we are talking about race, I want us to have some boundaries or some definitions about what or who exactly we are talking about. When we talk about people of color, we have a lot of black people who are offended that everybody’s lumped in together. So I want us to just kind of decide, who who were talking about? Are we talking about American descendants of slaves, or are we talking about everyone who has just recently started to be included. Because what we’re seeing right now seems to be a issue between white people and American descendants of slaves. So I want to make sure we’re all on the same page with that going forward, that this is what this discussion is going to be about, when we talk about people of color. Now if you if you want to make another reference at times, that’s fine, I just want to make sure we have that understanding prior to moving forward. Are we good on that you’re? Okay great. So let’s talk about justice for George Floyd. That’s what has kind of happened, that’s why we’re here today. What exactly does that mean? I’m going to ask that question to Lieutenant Colonel Allan West, initially, and then others can join in what is justice for George Floyd?

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