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WAROOM: PANDEMIC articles cover the Chinese Communist Party and coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV, including China’s disinformation and propaganda in the wake of the global outbreak and the media’s willingness to continue to act in the dark about the Chinese Communist Party’s role in the global viral outbreak. It also covers the Biden Crime family and the 2020 Presidential Election.


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Links to Important Past Articles

POTUS Vows to Use “125% of My Energy” To Rectify Stolen Election

China Is Seeking A Permanent Presence on American Networks

Did Dominion Worker ALSO Work for Kamala Harris?!?

Communist Voter John Brennan Betrays America’s Fallen, Openly Advises Iran

Trump Puts Treacherous Press Corps on Notice: Respect the Presidency


THE KRAKEN: Sidney Powell Files Mother Of All Lawsuits In Georgia

Watch: Witness Testifies Voting Machine “Built to be Manipulated”

Simp Dog Mattis in China’s Purse: Wants to End “America First”

China’s New Amphibious Assault Ship Sails in SCS

THOUSANDS of Voter Fraud Issues Uncovered by Voter Integrity Project

PART 2: Rigorous Analysis Indicates Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

Dershowitz: Trump has 2 or 3 Constitutional Paths to 2020 Victory

Push to ‘Cancel’ $50K in Student Debt Ignores Real Reasons College Is Expensive

Rigorous Analysis Indicates Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

Almost Half Of Americans Believe Democrats Stole The Election, Poll Says

Obama Won Very First Election By Charging Opponents With Election Fraud

Lower Integrity of Signature Matching in Nevada Should Be Concern for Court


[PDF] Hacker Conference (w/ Chris Krebs) Showed Huge Election Vulnerabilities

FLASHBACK: Leftist ‘Comedian’ John Oliver on ‘Vulnerable’ Voting Machines

REVEALED: Dominion/Smartmatic ‘Noncompete’ Agreement Emerges

Kayleigh to CNN: ‘I Don’t Call On Activists’ #BestPressSec

President Trump: Big Voter Fraud Information Coming Out Concerning Georgia

Rand Paul: Fauci Will Keep Us Masked Until the End of Time

State Dept. Says Anti-American Educators Undermine U.S. Efforts vs. China

Biden ‘Transition Leader’ Said Ex-VP Should ‘Sell Out’ to Corporatists

Jill Biden “Chief of Staff” Linked to Citizenship-for-Cash Scheme

WATCH: Full Giuliani, Powell, Ellis Presser On Nationwide Election Fraud

MD Governor Releases Another 1,200 Inmates “Due To Coronavirus”

Wayne County Reps Rescind Certification After Dems Threatened Them

Facebook’s “Fact-checker” Employees Donated Exclusively to Biden

Sworn Affidavit From Military Officer: Smartmatic Designed to Change Votes

He Loves America: POTUS Orders Wreaths Across America Back On

New Stats Show “Stuffing the Tail” Voter Fraud Scheme

Second Georgia County Finds Hundreds More Trump Votes

Dominion Voting Systems Techs Gagged from Commenting on Trump Votes

Somali Marxist Calls Trump Events “Klan Rallies”

If Americans Can’t Trust Our Elections, We’re in Big Trouble

Lin Wood: “Donald Trump Won I Believe a 70%+ Landslide”

Dershowitz: “Biden Is Not the President Elect”

Ken Starr: “Allow Litigation To Run Its Course”

Ted Cruz Verbally Disembowels Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Enemy of Free Speech

Biden “Transition” Leader for US & China to Do Joint Gene-Editing

Convinced He’s Won, Biden Taps Reparations Advocate for Treasury Transition

Congressman Andy Requests 100% Audit of Maricopa County, AZ Election

Obama Lectures Americans for All Being Terrible Racists

Sacramento Kings Fire Guy For Saying “All Lives Matter”

President Trump Hires New China Hawk at Commerce for 2nd Term

Bannon’s War Room Removed From Spotify

Dominion Voting Manager Now Democrat Mayor In Michigan

How a Philly Mob Boss Stole the Election — and Why He May Flip

BLM/ANTIFA Attack Trump Supporters & Children After “Million MAGA March”

Trump to NY Post: Election ‘Greatest Theft in The History of America

Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB: CIA May have Used Dominion for Its Own Benefit

Scientist Pleads Guilty To China-Linked Conspiracy To Steal American Medical Research

Domestic Terrorist #ShutdownDC Group Sends Mob to Confront “King & Spalding”

Republican State Legislatures Must Restore Will of the People

Satellite Photos Reveal Massive Expansion of Chinese Nuclear Facilities

FULL AUDIT NOW! Pro-Biden Bug Also Suspected in GA Election Software

Police Unions Funded Man Now Putting Them On Trump-Supporter Blacklist

Judge: PA Secretary of State Lacked Authority to Change Deadline

NEW PA Whistleblower Says USPS Interfering in Mail Delivery

POTUS Blocks Americans from Investing in Chinese Military-Linked Firms

Outsiders w/ USBs & VCards Were Allowed in PA Counting Areas; No Observers

96% Of Dominion Voting Systems Political Donations Went To Democrats

Dominion Voting Systems Has “Obama for America” Lobbyist

GA Officials Fail To Corroborate “Burst Pipe” Excuse For Delayed Ballot Counting

Rudy: 650K Votes Illegally Counted in PA & Pittsburgh

Unearthed Tweets: Biden “Chief of Staff” Admits Elections are Rigged

Trump Lawyer: China Used Computer & Mail Fraud to Interfere in Election

Flashback: Postal Police Ordered to Stop Investigating Mail Theft Before Election

Flashback: Even Dems Were Concerned About Mail Theft… Before Election

Flashback: American Postal Workers Union (AFL-CIO) Endorsed Biden

Flashback: Nat’l Letter Carriers Union (AFL-CIO) Endorsed Biden

Flashback: USPS Union Employees Spread anti-Trump Propaganda at Work

Flashback: Biden Joined “Election Integrity” Group w/ ex-NATO Head & Bush DHS Guy

Veritas Releases Recordings of USPS Feds Intimidating PA Whistleblower

Shadowy Group Enlists GOP, Corporate Leaders To Falsely Claim Biden Victory

The Statistical Case Against a Biden Win

Twitter Censors Announcement for Pro-Trump Rally

Despite Claims to Contrary, Georgia’s Ripe for Election Fraud

Graham: Potentially 25K Nursing Home Residents Req’d Mail-in Ballots Simultaneously

I Was In Philly Watching Fraud Happen. Here’s How it Went Down.

Read The Trump Campaign’s 105-Page Lawsuit In Pennsylvania

10 State AGs File Amicus w/ SCOTUS Urging Rule on PA Mail-In Ballots

Sworn Affidavit From MI Ex-Asst. AG: New Names Put on Ballots

Totalitarian Left Plans Purges and Punishment for Trump Voters

USPS Worker Retaliated Against After Blowing Whistle on Backdating

“President Elect?” Not So Fast! Corrupt MSM Desperate to Call Election

Graham: If We Don’t Fight, There’ll Never Be Another GOP POTUS Again

Biden Supporters Plot Bolshevik-Style Lists of Trump Supporters

Dominion Ballot Software Under Scrutiny; GOP Officials Call for Investigations

Sidney Powell: We’ve ID’d 450K Ballots w/ ONLY Biden & No-Ballot Candidates

Veritas: Spoiled Bucks County Ballots Found in Trash

Nevada Affidavit Says Ballots w/ Bad Signatures Were Counted

Attkisson: Most Say Trump Should Fight Onward

Trump Admin Refuses to Play Pretend with Coup Plotters

US Rejected Ukraine’s 2004 Election Over EXACTLY What’s Happening Here

Cuomo: It’s “Bad News” Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Came During Trump

China State Media Chief Says Biden “Victory” Makes The CCP A Winner

Flashback: Postal Union Endorses Biden, Says USPS “Survival” At State

Flashback: Harris’ “Great Faith” in USPS’ Ability to Handle Ballots

Flashback: Why’s No One Calling Out Kamala’s MAOIST Communist Ties?

Flashback: Pete Buttigieg’s Father Lauded the Communist Manifesto

Flashback: Disgraced CIA Director Brennan Fretted His Vote for Communist

Man from the ANTIFA Capital — Portland — Charged w/ Supporting ISIS

“Revolver: Contaminated Vote Means States Must Appoint Electors”

USPS Worker Caught at Canadian Border With Stolen Ballots In Car Trunk

Veritas: “PA USPS Insider Exposes ‘Nov. 3’ Postmark Voter Fraud Scheme”

Veritas: “Vegas Mailman Agrees To Pass On ‘A Nice Handful’” of Ballots

Veritas: “Michigan USPS ‘Insider’ Delivers Testimony Of ‘Shady’ Postmark Scheme”

Michigan GOP Senate Candidate John James: “Elections Must Be Fair and Honest”

PA Dems Accused of Violations, Offering Ballot Info to Party Operatives

No, Dems and Media, We Aren’t Taking Your Word for It This Election

Pollak: “7 Kinds of Election Interference, from Fraud to Censorship”

Georgia Election Officials “Uncounted” Ballots Rising?

Ken Starr Explains Trump Camp Legal Challenges in NV, PA

Paging Bernie: Socialist Website Notices Google Admits to Censoring Them

MSNBC Cuts Off Live Broadcast of Trump Speech

Half of President’s Twitter/Facebook Post-Election Posts Censored

Adriana Cohen: Big Tech Using Censorship to Tip Elections

PARLER CEO Slams Twitter’s Censorship of President Trump

“Peaceful Protests:” Ex-Nadler Intern Charged with Spitting on Officer

“Peaceful Protests:” Man Tries to Strangle NYPD Cop With Chain

2015: 18 Ex-ACORN Workers Convicted or Admitted Guilt in Election Fraud

Olbermann: Trump Must Be Removed from Office and Arrested Tonight

Letter in Gen. Washington’s Hometown Paper: “Media Censorship is Indoctrination”

Gun Sales Climb Among Black Men & Women (Good, 2nd Amendment is for All)

American Mind: “What We Saw Coming”

Michael Anton: Game-on for the Coup?

American Mind: The Fight is Now

Revolver: The Steal is On

THURSDAY: Rallies to Protect Legal Votes in Philly, Detroit, Phoenix

Riot Declared in Portland, National Guard Activated

Desperate to Not Seem Fraudulent, Biden Launches “Transition” Site

RNC Protect the Vote Website Highlights Defense of Election Integrity

Federalist: Yes, Dems Are Trying To Steal MI, WI, & PA

MI, WI Elections Officials Refuse To Explain Biden Vote Influx

Veritas: Whistleblower Was Told to BACK DATE Late Michigan Ballots

Iraq War Vet Turned GOP Senate Candidate Calls Out Michigan Irregularities

Trump Legal Adviser Discusses Michigan’s Magic Ballots

PA Attorney General Called Election for Biden… Before Election Day

PA Sec. of State, Who Monitors Elections, Called Trump “Dangerously Unfit”

Calls for PA Sec. of State to Resign Over “Weaponized” Department

Leftist Election Truthers’ Protest in Philly Turns Predictably Violent

Biden Camp: ‘Under No Scenario’ Will Trump be Declared Winner

Dem Firm Focus-Grouped Memes to Delegitimize Election

Biden Camp Pre-Made Ads to Delegitimize Election?

Trump Camp Launches Site to Report Voting Issues

Dems’ Election-by-Lawyers Plan Could Delay Results for Weeks

Former Never-Trumper Casts Her Ballot for Trump

The Education Case for Trump

DHS Secretary: Twitter Censorship a National Security Threat

Ex-SPECOPS Pros: ANTIFA Planning Election “Tet Offensive”

ANTIFA to NYPD ‘I Hope Your Children Get Raped and Killed’

(Watch) ANTIFA: Rise of the Black Flags

ShutdownDC Prepping “to Punch Nazis in the Face”

ShutdownDC Plans to Target Republicans at their Homes

Businesses Nationwide Prepping for Leftist Looting

Illinois Student Rioters Throw Bricks, Shoot Fireworks at Police

“Philly Socialists” ANTIFA Monitoring Police Scanners?

NATSEC NIGHTMARE: Laptop Had Cell Numbers for Cabinet, Clintons, Secret Service

Hunter Left SECOND Laptop w/ Psychiatrist… Feds Seized in February

Intercept/NYT/Atlantic Writer: “Destroy All Trump Ballots”

Hunter Emails Request “Formal Meetings with Dad” for Billion-Dollar Deals

Hunter Called Foreign Spy Chief w/ KGB Links “A Close Friend”

“Hunter Biden” Searches SURPASS “WikiLeaks” in 2016

Progressives Sharpening Knives in Case Trump Loses, Buying Guns

Glenn Greenwald: MSM “Desperate” to See Trump Lose

Top Bernie Dem Sends Bobulinski Letter of Support

Greenwald Dumps Pierre Omidyar’s “The Intercept”

Facebook Manually Limited NYPost Hunter Biden Story

Jim Biden Refuses to Answer Questions About “the Family Business”

Leaks Show Hunter Saying He’s “Managing Director” at Chinese Firm

Hunter Rep’d Chinese CEO in Deal w/ RUSSIAN State Oil Company

Hunter Biden’s Russian Blackmail Photos Revealed

Twitter, Facebook Confess: No Evidence of Russian Disinfo re: Laptop

Twitter: NY Post Can Tweet… Once They Delete Tweet That Upset Joe Biden

Joe Rogan Rips Social Media Crackdown on Accurate Laptop Reporting

Hunter Biden, Lobbyist Named in IRS Complaint vs. NATSEC Nonprofit

Senate Successfully Verifies Bobulinski Materials to Date

Leaks Show Bidens’ Involvement in Trying to Extradite Chinese Whistleblower?

SECNAV: China Poses “Threat Beyond Any Comparison”

Chinese Regime Launches New Spy Satellites As CCP Seeks Global Dominance

Pompeo to Make Unschedule Vietnam Stop to Boost anti-China Mission

US Charges 8 in Plot to Coerce Dissidents into Returning to China

State Dept. Designates Chinese “Unification” Front Group as Foreign Mission

China Installing Facial Recognition Cameras in State-run Religious Venues

Concentration Camp Camera Company Tapped for EU Parliament’s Cameras

Bipartisan Group of Senators Seek Genocide Declaration for Uyghurs

Was Joe Biden Pictured with “The Spy Chief of Kazakhstan?”

Researcher Examines China’s “Nuclear Imperialism” in the Uyghurs’ Homeland

JPost: Beware of Iran’s New Underground Nuke Facility

Flashback: Iran Has 10x Uranium Than Allowed per Kerry/Biden Iran Deal

China Losing Trust Internationally over Handling of Coronavirus

AUDIO: Hunter Spills Guts… “Spy Chief of China” & Joe as “Witness” in SDNY

Was Biden Pictured with the “Spy Chief of Kazakhstan?”

Hunter’s Chinese Billionaire Business Partner Was on FISA Warrant

Trump Campaign Website Defaced with Bizarre Rant

Emails: Biden Co-Chair Calls McCain “A**hole,” “Cranky Old Man”

Whistleblower Bobulinski: Joe’s Denials “A Blatant Lie”

600 US Groups Linked to Chinese Election Influence Effort

US, India Boost Security Ties Eyeing China’s Expansion

Meet the White House Official Calling Beijing’s Bluff

Study: Evening Newscasts Unfairly Negative of Trump 92% of Time

Trump: Probably 9 or 10 Countries Readying to Normalize Israel Ties

GatewayPundit ID’s SDNY Head Audrey Strauss, as Democrat Donor

German Spy Chief: China Close to “World Domination,” World Must WAKE UP

Hunter Relapsed, Rented Mansion for Bacchanalia Last Month

Voters Are SMART: Most Believe Joe Knew of Hunter Dealings

Searches for “Can I Change My Vote?” Spike

BOMBSHELL 64-Pg Report “Biden Activities with China” (Episode #455)

Vladimir Putin Rebukes President Trump, Rushes to Joe Biden’s Defense

Joe Biden’s Dangerous, Top Secret ‘Foreign Policy’

Hunter Lobbied for Nepotistic Appointments and Got Them

Hunter’s Business Partner Locks His Twitter

Hunter’s Shady Mexico Dealings Surface

How Corruption Works at the University of Delaware

Rep. Jordan: Hunter Emails “As Real As Real Can Be”

Biden Cuts Off Reporter When Asked About Hunter

Hunter’s Actions with “A Certain Minor” Being Covered Up?

Wray Kept Hunter’s Laptop Secret from Trump

How Hunter Associates Helped Chinese Military Buy Dual-Use Tech

Chinese Communist Party Lauds Censorship of Trump

‘Economist’ Mag Failed to Disclose Huawei Ties

US Coast Guard to Help US Allies Protect Their Waters

Israeli Data Firm Reveals Chinese Social Media Manipulation

WSJ Editorial Board: “The Press of Conformity”

Emails Show Fauci Endorsed WHO Statement Praising China

What Up with the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board?

DepNSA Gives Speech on China, in Chinese: “The Importance of Being Candid”

In Korean War Anniversary Speech, Xi Quotes Mao, Threatens War

China Fires Dozens of Missiles in South China Sea Drills

Taiwan Plans Missile Drills: “Appeasement Will Not Bring Peace”

Video: Indian Navy Test Fires Supersonic Brahmos Missile

Deterrence: US Arms Sales to Taiwan Will Put China in Striking Distance

Exiled HK Activist: Let Us Burn Before Our Rebirth

Italy Vetoes 5G Deal With China’s Trojan Horse, Huawei

Money Well Spent: Biden to Retreat on China Tech War

Rep. Banks Demands State Disclose Secret Biden/Xi Meetings

Eyeing China, US to Expand Military Presence in Palau

US Destroyers May Be Equipped with Hypersonic Missiles

Expert Describes “The 5 Faces Of Chinese Espionage”

Hunter Partnered with an Arm of the CHINESE MILITARY

Why Was Joe Using Email Pseudonym of Tom Clancy KGB Mole!?

Emails Show Hunter Lobbied Joe on Corporate Lobbyists’ Behalf

Joe Conspicuously Absent from Hunter Corporate Records

CLINTONS Got Up to $100K From Same Chinese Energy Firm as Hunter

Senate GOP Uncovers FBI, GSA Abuses During Trump Transition

FBI Interviewing Biden Whistleblower Bobulinski

WATCH: Hunter Biden Whistleblower Bobulinski Pre-Debate Presser

Whistleblower Bobulinski Confirms Hunter Emails’ Authenticity

WSJ’s Strassel: The Biden Family LegacyWhistleblower Bobulinski Says Joe Knew About Hunter Business

Award-Winning Journo Lara Logan: Biden Wrong to Play Russia Card

FNC’s Gregg Jarrett: Even If Joe Wins, There’s No Way Out Now

O’Brien: China is the Threat of the Century

NYPost: Hunter Had $80K Diamond from Chinese Tycoon During Divorce

FoxNews: Hunter’s Laptop Linked to FBI Money Laundering Probe

Hunter Laptop Photos May Include Underage Relative

Biden-Linked Delaware AG Sends Laptop… Back to FBI

Ratcliffe: Iran’s Obtained Voter Info, Trying to Hurt Trump

“Lincoln Project” Peddled Iranian Disinformation

Sen. Johnson Asks FBI If Other Agency Had Hunter’s Laptop First

Trump Admin Designates Six Chinese Outlets “Foreign Missions”

Iran’s Rouhani Says Next POTUS Must “Surrender to Iran”

As Xi Calls for War, Shenzhen Residents Ordered to Prepare

Meet Your (Chinese) Facebook Censors

Dem PR Firm Pushing anti-Trump Ads on China’s TikTok

China Disinfo Ops Target Top GOP Lawmaker

NSA Puts Spotlight on Chinese Hackers

Official: Chinese Espionage in Australia Exceeds Cold War Levels

Congress Introduces Mother-of-All Taiwan Bills

Keeping the Olympics in Beijing is a Political Ad

Bolsonaro Says Brazil Won’t Buy Chinese Vaccine

Broidy Pleads Guilty to Acting as Unregistered Chinese Agent

Sources Tell Fox News That FBI Has Hunter Laptop

Photo Shows Hunter, Joe w/ Russia-Aligned Kazakhs

FBI, DOJ Do NOT Believe Hunter Laptop Russian Disinfo

Giuliani Reveals Alleged Evidence of Hunter, Underage Girls

POTUS: MSM Lack of Hunter Corruption Coverage “Criminal”

Rep. Jordan Staff Independently Authenticate Emails

Sen. Johnson Asks Secret Service to Verify Hunter Travel

Hunter Associate Reportedly Removed from OR Prison

US Offers Brazil Financing to Buy from Huawei Rivals

Sweden Bans Huawei, ZTE From 5G Networks

Japan, Indonesia Agree to Boost Security Ties

Japan, Vietnam Sign Agreement on Defense Exports

India Mulls Trade Talks w/ Sovereign Nation of Taiwan

China Demands India Not Strengthen Taiwan Ties

Defense Experts Slam Biden Taiwan Policy

Fresh Food Shortages Hit China

“Sonic Attack” Victims Treated at Biden-, China-Linked UPenn

Christian Groups Condemn China’s Regime at UN HRC

Navarro: China Working to Defeat Trump

Investigation Prompts Schools to Disclose $6.5B in Foreign Funding

DNI Ratcliffe: Biden Revelations Aren’t “Russian Disinformation”

Rapper 50 Cent Sees Biden Tax Plan, Endorses Trump

Biden Camp Funneled $70K to Hunter, $150K to Family

Debate Commission Ditches Foreign Policy After Laptop Leaks

Ex-Obama NatSec Official Leads TikTok “Trust Team!”

Lankford: Biden Possible “Counterintelligence Risk”

Should Hunter Be in Jail for Indian Tribe Fraud Case?

Hunter’s Radioactive Kazakhstan Dealings Drawing Scrutiny

Is a Vote for Biden in the Interest of American Jewish Voters?

We Must “Walk the Walk” & Stand With Taiwan

Ex-DoD China Expert: Vote for Trump Even if You Dislike His Style

Biden Transition Chair Hosted Hunter-Linked CCP Group… at White House!

China Announces It May Take Americans Hostage; Biden Silent

Calls Grow to Boycott Beijing 2022; Trump & Biden Silent

Source on Biden Email Chain Verifies Messages On Chinese Investment Firm

Biden Associate Flips: Corroborates Chinese Cash-for-Access Scheme

WH Says China Engaged In “Something Close to a Genocide”

$10M: Emails Reveal How Hunter Tried to Cash in with Chinese Firm

House Republicans Ask FBI If It Had Biden Laptop During Impeachment

Biden Gets No Questions on Hunter During RIGGED ABC Town Hall


2016 AZ Police Report: Crack Pipe Found in Hunter’s Rental Car, No Prosecution

China Threatens “Health and Safety” of Nearly 300K Canadians in HK

Pompeo, DeVos Warn on Chinese Confucius Institutes

Officials Seize Nearly 100K E-Cigs Entering PA From China

CNN Cancels Ice Cube Interview… “Can’t Handle the Truth”

SMOKING GUN: Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s ILLEGAL Ukraine Dealings

Hunter Biden “Under Investigation” By Senate

FACEBOOK Censors Hunter Biden Revelations, FB Democrat Admits

TWITTER Censors Hunter Biden Revelations, Too

FLASHBACK: Twitter Hires Dirty RussiaGate FBI Lawyer

WHITE HOUSE Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Censored by Twitter!

HAWLEY Seeks FEC Campaign Finance Probe of Facebook, Twitter

CRUZ Demands Answers from Big Tech on Censorship

GRASSLEY, JOHNSON Demand FBI Turn Over Text Messages

Project Veritas Exposes Dems’ VIOLENT REVOLUTION Plot

Pennsylvania Sends 29K Voters WRONG BALLOTS

Japan Preps Vietnam Defense Deal to Counter China

Trudeau Finally Discovers Spine on China

China Preps Economic Attack on Australian Exports

President Trump Weighs Recognizing Taiwan’s Status

Declassified Doc Reveals Shoddy FBI Corroboration of Steele Claims

Hillary Auditions for SECDEF With Plan to Defund Military

Yet Again, a Top Dem Staffer Lobbied for Chinese Military Proxy

Xi Jinping Tells Marines: Prepare for Going to War

State Dept. Slams Appointment of China, Others to UN “Human Rights” Council

US Moves to Sell Taiwan Costal Defense Cruise Missiles, Rapers

Chinese Ships Remain in Japan’s Waters Near Japan’s Senkakus for Record Time

China Threatens India to Not Recognize Union Territory of Ladakh

Iran Seeking “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” with China

Paper Describes China’s Multiplying Private Security Contractors Around World

FDA Pauses Eli Lilly CCP Virus Treatment Enrollment, Offering Few Clues Why

China Threatens Invasion of Taiwan in New Video

Condemnation Rises Over Vatican-China Abomination

Facebook CENSORS Leading Indian News Site WION for Dr. Yan Interview

Mark Cuban Cool With Concentration Camps

Could Xi Fall? A Leadership Crisis Is Smoldering in Beijing

Economic Warfare: China’s Ban on Aussie Coal Could be “Indefinite”

State Dept Official: US & India Have Been “Too Cautious” on China

China Increasing Nuclear Submarine Shipyard Capacity

World Awakening to China’s Bullying… Alliances Forging

State Dept Slams China for Censoring Pence Debate Answer on CCP

Pompeo: We Have Clinton Emails, Could Be Released Before Election

Durham Looking at Discredited Trump-Alfa Bank Hoax

Durham Investigation Takes Interest in Mystery Man “Daniel Jones”

Could China Invade Taiwan Under Chairman Xi?

US, Nearly 40 Others Condemn China’s “21st Century Holocaust”

BLACK GOLD: Hair Products and China’s Concentration Camps

Australian Writer Held in China for 2 Years Now Charged with “Espionage”

Top GOP Fundraiser Charged with Acting As Unregistered Chinese Foreign Agent

Registered Chinese Foreign Agent Says “China Reset” if Biden Wins

China Dove Kissinger Wants “Limits” on US-China “Threats” or Risk War

World Bank: CCP Virus Has Thrown 100 Million into Extreme Poverty

China Joins “Global Initiative” to Push Its Unsafe Vaccine to Poor Countries

Singaporean Sentenced to 14 Months for Acting as Chinese Agent

China’s Image Plunging Around the World, Poll Finds

UK May BOYCOTT OLYMPICS Over China’s Genocide of Uyghurs

World Bank Chief Calls on China to Cancel Debt for Pandemic-Stricken Poor Nations

China Issues Do’s-and-Don’ts Diktat to Indian Media re: Taiwan

Chinese Developer Agrees to Pay $1M in LA Corruption Case

Jack Ma Caught Saying Chinese Microchips are Junk, Then Says He Didn’t

Expert: Chinese Spy Operations are “Off the Scale” in US

Russian Who Paid Hunter Biden $3.5M Wanted Special Access

DNI Releases Statement on Spygate Investigation

Is Warren Buffett the Money Behind Black Lives Matter?

Trump Announces Overhaul of H1-B Program

Yuan Hits High on Biden Hopes

Chinese Tourist Attractions Swamped as Social Distancing Ignored

China Complains that U.S. TikTok, WeChat Bans Break WTO Rules

Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Mother Arrested

INADMISSIBLE: USCIS Bans Members of China’s Communist Party from US

Canadian Warship Sails Near Taiwan

Eye on China, Canada Formulates New Indo-Pacific Policy

China-Saudi Nuclear Pack Could Trigger Arms Race in West Asia

Melbourne’s New Trains Built by US-Sanctioned Chinese Firm

Uyghur Farmer Dies Ten Days After Being Sent to Concentration Camp

Chinese Hackers Targeted Trump Family, Campaign, & Administration

5,000 Pets “Found Dead” in Chinese Shipping Facility

October 1: Protests in 25+ Countries on China’s “National Day”

Thais Join Protests for Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hong Kongers

Hong Kong Smashes Protests on China’s “National Day”

Fifth Column? NYT Publishes More Chinese Propaganda on Hong Kong

Oxus Report Notes Increasing China Protests in Central Asia

British General: China Manipulating International Institutions

GCHQ Spots “Nationally Significant” Huawei Vulnerability

China Wrapping the Planet in Cable: FCC Commissioner on Alert

Pentagon Needs “Gray Zone” Weapons in China Fight

Truth on Hunter Biden’s China Cash More Sinister Than Thought

Treasury Reports Rebut Biden’s Debate Denials on Son’s Criminality

D614G Strain Shows Greater Infectivity, Replication, Transmission

D614G Coronavirus Reinfection Case May Affect Vaccine Efforts

Vaccine Trial Participants Report Uncomfortable-but-Tolerable Effects

“No Sail Order” Extended for Cruises… End Date Unclear

Pompeo Urges “Bold Moral Witness” from Vatican on China

Pope Hides As Pompeo, Free World Notice Vatican’s China Sellout

Cotton Debuts Intel Bill to Protect Nation’s Food from China

“Hybrid Warfare:” Fallout from Chinese Snowden’s Leak Continues

RussiaGater Priestap Sets Sights on China’s Espionage

Eastern Europe Awakening to Truth on China’s Regime

OUT: G8 — IN: Free-8: Alliance Beyond “The Quad” Needed to Counter China

Greta Thurnburg Hits China After Four Activists Detained

ICYMI: State Dept Drops Truth on China’s Environmental Assault

The Nevernight Connection: FBI Releases Film on Chinese Social Media Espionage

Shifty Schiff Shifts: Says China Threat Getting Short Shrift

DNI Confirms Russia Gate was a Hillary HOAX Hoax & Obama Knew

China’s Pacific Missile Power Play Puts US & Allies at Disadvantage

Pompeo Afraid to Look Pompeo in Eye Amid Vatican Sellout to China

TEEN VOGUE Highlights CCP Atrocities in Tibet, East Turkistan, Hong Kong

China is Taking Over International Orgs, One Vote at a Time

Ontario Legislature to Fly Chinese Flag Despite China’s Canadian Hostages

Gaffney: TikTok is a Threat; Shut it Down

Pompeo: Vatican Has Duty to Speak Out About China, Religious Freedom

Pope Francis Kowtows to China… Naïve, Corrupt — or Both?

Dark Day: China’s Communist Party’s Virus Has Now Killed 1 MILLION

NatSec Advisor O’Brien: After Hong Kong, Taiwan is in China’s Crosshairs

A CCP-Hosted Forum Marked Mark Kelly’s Lucrative Affair with China

NYPD Officer Accused of Spying for China Puzzled NY Tibetans [PAYWALL]

“Zero-Out” — China Launches a New Campaign Against Falun Gong

Gingrich: How the Bidens Worked with China to Get Rich, at America’s Expense

US Squeezes China’s Biggest Chipmaker… Doesn’t It Feel Good?

Archbishop: Election is Battle of Light vs. Darkness, Trump in “Biblical Challenge”

People’s Liberation Army Boosting Chinese Expansion

Time Magazine Partners with HUAWEI to Launch Publication for Children

Pompeo: China’s New York Consulate is a Major Spy Hub

Accident? Up To 70% of Masks Imported from China May Be Faulty

Another Study: HCQ Safe For Short-Term for COVID-19 Infection

Senators Probe Netflix Partnership With Chinese Genocide Denier

Danish Pension Fund Blacklists China, Dumping €54m Equities, Bonds

Fleeing Contagion, Investors Dump China’s Top Property Development Conglomerate


Taxpayers Subsidized Hunter Biden’s 6 Trips to Communist China

Senate Report Links Hunter Biden to HUMAN TRAFFICKING Ring

Hunter Biden’s Business Created “Counterintelligence & Extortion Concerns”

Hunter Biden Received $3.5 MILLION Wire Transfer from Ex-Moscow Mayor

Hunter Biden Offered DC Access to Chinese Company

China Says Joe Biden’s Tough Talk is All Politicking

Tom Cotton Introduces Bill to Outlaw a New Chinese Opiate “Iso”

Pompeo Rejects “Appeasement” As US Counters Chinese Military

Pompeo Gives Pivotal Speech: “State Legislatures and the China Challenge”

Pompeo: US Examining Language Used to Describe China’s Muslim Genocide

China Building MORE & BIGGER Uyghur Concentration Camps

Philippine President Duterte Reverses Course, Pushes Back on China

Massive Study Shows CCP Virus Mutating, Evolving Amid Rapid Spread

“Great Global Struggle” — Trumps Urges UN Members to Hold China Accountable

China Forces 500,000 Tibetans Into Labor Camps

House Nearly Unanimously Passes Bill to Prevent China’s Slave Labor

Sovereign Nation of Taiwan Warns China to “Back Off” As Warplanes Violate Airspace

Chinese Air Force Releases Video Showing Simulated Attack on US Forces

China Attacked Indian Satellite Communications Network

New Report Calls for Depoliticization of Hydroxycholoquine

Fake Economy: China’s Online Shopping, Other Indicators Stall or Contract

Fake Economy: China Papering Over Insolvency Crisis By Merging Banks

Facebook Removes Fake Chinese Accounts Targeting Philippines, SE Asia, US

China Sentences Tycoon Dissident Who Called Dictator Xi Jinping a Clown to 18 Years

TikTok Deal in Doubt (Reminder: A Pandemic Followed Our Last China Deal)

NYPD Officer Charged w/ Spying on Tibetans for China

Indian Journalist & Two Others Arrested for Spying for China

Former MI6 Agent Charged with Selling Secrets to Chinese “Journalists”

Four CIA Operatives Died on a 2008 Mission to Counter China

China to Lose Access to Australian Space-Tracking Station

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma’s Ant Group on Track for $35 BILLION IPO

Two Chinese Money Launders Shot in Vancouver Japanese Restaurant

Massive Exposé Reveals HSBC Hong Kong Money Laundering Ponzi Scheme

The OTHER Pandemic: UN Says Uyghur Died from Pneumonia, Tuberculosis

Lawsuit Calls Out Zoom for Lying About Encryption, China Connections

UK Preps for Emergency Coronavirus Restrictions as Second Wave Gains Steam

Democrats Continue Efforts to Undermine Public Trust in a Vaccine

Effectiveness of HCQ Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

Australian Commentator: Systemic Discouragement of HCQ is a National Scandal

Judd Apatow on Hollywood & Uyghur Genocide: “China Has Bought Our Silence”

Bannon on Tucker: “They’re Not Going to Shut Me Down”

Beijing Biden Refuses to Call China an “Opponent”

“Greatest Long-Term Threat:” FBI Sounds Alarm on Data Theft by China’s Regime

BRAVO: Commerce Dept. Effectively Blocks WeChat & TikTok

Benedict Rogers: China is Already Breaking Its Vatican Deal

Georgia Senate Candidate (D) Discloses Ties to Pro-CCP Outlet

Erdogan is Turning Turkey into a Chinese Client State

Israelis Campaign Against China’s “Genocide in the Making”

UK Parliament Launches Inquiry into China’s Concentration Camps

UK Parliament Launches Inquiry into China’s Forced Labor

NYT: Trump Wrong on TikTok; China’s Plans Are Much More Sinister

Six GOP Senators Urge President to Kill TikTok-Oracle Deal

Sen. Hawley Rides to Defense of Free Speech Vs. Big Tech Thought Police

WATCH: Sen. Cotton Urges Revocation of China’s “Most Favored Nation” Status

2nd of Defector Whistleblowers (Plural) Reveals Chinese Bioweapons Secrets

Journalist Details Wuhan Lab’s “Covert Operations” in Pakistan

Biden Continues Attempts to Politicize & Sabotage Vaccine Rollout

Coronavirus “Spike Protein” Can Adopt at Least TEN Different Shapes

Comedian Chris Rock Slams Dems for Prioritizing Impeachment over Virus

Yelp: Biz Closures Near 100K Following Dems’ Stimulus Sabotage

Chinese Hackers Continue Attacks On Vatican, Catholic Orgs

Francis Leads China’s Catholic Flock into the Mouth of the Dragon

One of Trump’s MVPs — State Dept.’s Keith Krach — Arrives in Taiwan

New Japanese PM’s Defense Chief a Staunch Taiwanese Ally

BLM Founder Runs Group Funded by China’s Communist Party

Biden Institute Board Member Deep in Bed With China’s Communist Party

DOJ Indicts Five Chinese Men Who Hacked Hundreds of Companies via Supply Chains

Thought Police Censorship of Whistleblower Spreads to Facebook

Money Launderers Using Chinese Shoppings Sites to Funnel Cash Offshore

“I Am The Target,” Whistleblower Says; CCP Trying to Disappear Her

Twitter Backs China’s Regime, Capriciously & Arbitrarily Bans Whistleblower

To Keep the Senate Majority, GOP Needs to Hold China Accountable

Admin Gets Cold Feet on Broad Import Bans from China’s Genocide Zone, Goes Narrow

After “Liking” Pornographic Tweet, China’s UK Ambassador “Likes” CCP Virus One

Carafano: China is an Expansionist Threat to the Free World

State Dept. Sanctions Chinese Company for Cambodian Corruption

Alibaba Servers in India Stealing Users’ Data, Probe Coming: Intelligence Sources

US, UK Update Travel Warnings on China, Hong Kong Over Arbitrary Arrests

Taiwanese Physicist Behind ProtonMail Urges Hong Kongers to Hang Tough

Take Down the CCP: Revolution in China’s Coming… If We Turn Up the Volume

China Ignores Secret Deal w/ Vatican, Arrests Priest; Consequences Unlikely

PROOF: Whistleblower Virologist Drops Paper w/ Peers Showing CCP Virus Engineered

BOMBSHELL: China Surveilling Trump Family, Pelosi Family, US Naval Vessels

BOMBSHELL: China Surveilling UK PM, Opposition, Royal Family, Royal Military

BOMBSHELL: China Surveilling India’s PM Modi, Heads of Indian Defense

BOMBSHELL: China Surveilling Aussie PM, Intel Committee Chair, Even Families

New Warning on Chinese Intelligence Hackers Targeting US Government

China Floats a “Defund the US Military” Campaign Hoping Leftists Will Adopt It

Maltese Inquiry into Journo’s Assassination Scrutinizes Chinese Conglomerate CCCC

Tough Luck, Boys: China’s Latest Spy Satellite, Launched from South Mongolia, Fails

That Settles It: China Prefers TikTok Shutdown Over a Forced Sale

Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan: COVID-19 Was Made in CCP’s Wuhan Lab

Study Suggests Coronavirus Linked to Heart Inflammation in College Athletes

North Korea Issues “Shoot-to-Kill” Order to Stop Coronavirus at Chinese Border

What To Do About the 2022 Beijing Olympics

CCP Virus Pandemic Reveals How Dependent We Are on China for Pharmaceuticals

UK Defence Expert: China “Deliberately” Used Virus to Secure Power, “Act of War”

With One Tweet, an Ordinary Brit Unleashed a Righteous Protest at China’s UK Embassy

China’s Creep Towards a “Launch-on-Warning” Nuclear Posture Should Worry Us

“Stuff They’ve Never Heard Of:” Eyeing Xi and Putin, Trump Hints at Our Secret Weapons

Visiting Air Defense Battery, Taiwan’s President Says “Don’t Give an Inch”

City of London, Global Finance Capital, Hits China for Violating Hong Kong Treaty

Revolutionary Anthem “Take Down the CCP” Soars to #1 on iTunes

Japanese Artist Details China’s Uyghur Genocide Through “Manga” Comics (LINK)

Australia Faces Down the Dragon, Offering US Lessons

160 Human Rights Group Urge IOC to Move Beijing 2022 Olympics

The Taliban Loves China’s Money, But Can It Forget Its Muslim Gulags?

Three YEARS!? State Dept. Gives Absurd Timeline for Producing China-Biden Docs

1,000+ Visas Canceled for Chinese Nationals Over Civil-Military Fusion Concerns

Chinese Threats Towards Aussie Journos Revenge for Foiled CCP Foreign Interference Plot

Company in “Tens of Millions” of US Homes Sharing Data with Chinese State-Owned Firm

Thailand Pushes Back Against Beijing, Canceling Infrastructure Project

State Dept. Launches Website Highlighting China’s Uyghur Abuses

US to Block Cotton, Tomatoes from China-Occupied East Turkistan Over Forced Labor

Kiwi University Defends Links with Genetics University in China’s Genocide Region

Uyghurs Accuse China’s Regime of Horrific Abuses in Landmark ICC Complaint

Foreign Ministry: Israel in Free Trade Talks with S. Korea, Vietnam… and China?

Alliance of Liberty: India-Australia-France Hold Trilateral Dialogue

(WATCH) Whistleblower Movement Drops New Music Video: “Take Down the CCP”

AstraZeneca Pauses CCP Virus Vaccine Trials After Serious Adverse Reaction

Mysterious Post-COVID Syndrome Affecting Kids May Be Worse Than Thought

Three Q’s Scientists Are Asking About Coronavirus Re-infections

130 UK MPs Pen Condemnation of China’s Uyghur Genocide… US Congress Mostly MIA

Australia Evacuates Last Two Journos from China Over Hostage Diplomacy Fears

China Threatening People in Canada as Trudeau Gov’t Keeps Mum

Disney Condemned for Filming “Mulan” in Region Where China’s Committing Genocide

China’s MGI, Cousin of US-Sanctioned Chinese Genomics Companies, Plots Chinese IPO

Naval Expert Says Pentagon Underestimating China’s Maritime Militia

China’s Deal with Iran’s Terrorist Regime Portends a MidEast Espionage Hub

Pakistan Arrests 7 for Transporting People to China for Illegal Organ Transplants

Pakistani Silence on China’s Genocide of Muslims Condemned

Hong Kong’s Police Violently Arrest a 12-year-old Girl

(WATCH) Riding the Dragon: Bombshell Documentary Lays Bare Beijing Biden’s Conflicts

US National Security Adviser Says China Has Biggest Election-interference Program

Hong Kong Publisher Jimmy Lai Acquitted of Some False Charges

Slobodan Milošević Prosecutor Convening Tribunal on China’s Uyghur Genocide

Palau Invites US to Build Bases as China Threatens Indo-Pacific

Man Charged With Using His Position to Solicit $2.1M in Chinese Kickbacks

Australian Liberals Push for Probe into China-Linked MP

Australian Writer Detained in China Denies False Spying Charged

#MilkTeaAlliance Boycott of Disney’s CCP Propaganda Film “Mulan” Grows

Malaysia Says What All Nations Must: It Won’t Extradite Uyghurs to China

“Great Firewall” Coming to Iran as CCP Weaves Its Web

Was Chairman of Chinese State Railway Company “Suicided?”

She Visited Her Son in Turkey, So China’s Regime Sent Her to Prison

CCP State Media Censors Report Raising Concern over Vaccine

SECDEF Esper Subtly Places China at Center of V-J Day Ceremony

Ai Weiwei: If You Don’t Question CCP, You’re Complicit (Art Museums Included)

Protests Erupt Across Greater Mongolia over China’s Mandarin Plans in South Mongolia

China is Censoring Hollywood’s Imagination

Examining Japan’s “Armed Attack Initiation” Doctrine & Anticipatory Self-Defense

China Eyes Military Footing in Thailand, Myanmar, and Pakistan

LEADERSHIP: “I Am Taiwanese,” Czech Speaker Defiantly Declares, Channeling JFK

Woman Tied to CCP’s Clinton Re-Election Plot Pleads Guilty in Illegal Lobbying Effort

Pentagon Report Sees China’s Military on Track for Global Superpower Status

China Plans to DOUBLE Nuclear Stockpile, Field Nuclear Triad

China Now Has World’s Largest Navy

China’s New Plane Sure Looks Suspiciously Like Our E-2 Hawkeye

Australian-born Chinese State Media Anchor Detained by China

British MP Receives Creepy, Menacing Letters from China

Popular French Economist Refuses to Bow to China’s Censorship

US Universities Failed to Disclose at Least $1.5B from Hostile Regimes

China-Backed Bank Gives Turkey $70M Loan

Cheap Chinese Phones Literally Stealing People’s Money

Scientists Seeing Downsides to Russian, Chinese Vaccines

Uyghurs in China-Occupied East Turkistan Forcibly Medicated for CCP Virus

Five Chinese Banks Building Crypto-Powered Trade Platform to Rival Wall Street

CCP Virus Testing Kits from Chinese Genomics Giant BGI are Junk

Quarantine Needed: China’s Big Banks See Plummeting Profit, Bad Loans

Details Emerge on FBI’s Arrest of Chinese Military-Linked PhD

Pakistan Buying Real-Time Satellite Data from China of India’s Territory

Israel Rebuffs China and Sells AWACs to India, Instead

Pakistan & China Have Collaborated on Deadly Pathogens Since 2015, at Least

Alliance of Liberty: US Preps High-Level Talks w/ “The Quad”

DHS Secretary Creates Subcommittee to Probe China’s Academic Interference

China’s New AI Export Restrictions May Impede TikTok Sale

Czech Senate Speaker Heads to Taiwan as Chinese Regime Whines

Sovereign Nation of Taiwan Accredits Surge of Foreign Journalists, Some Fleeing China

China’s Junkyard Dog, North Korea, Broadcasts Coded Messages on YouTube

South Korea Gets New Defense Chief w/ History of Working w/ US

India & Vietnam Emerging as “Iron Brothers” of Asia vs. Pakistan & China

Philippines, Japan Ink New Air Defense Purchase as China Threatens Region

MONDAY: NASA Researcher Arrested for Lying, Wire Fraud in “Thousand Talents”

WEDNESDAY: Defense Contractor, Employees Indicted on Chinese Fraud

WEDNESDAY: Four Indicted for Conspiracy to Sell Iran Oil to China

THURSDAY: US Seeks Forfeiture of DPRK-hacked Cryptocurrency Laundered via China

THURSDAY: Brooklynite Pleads Guilty to Brokering Sales of Chinese, Pak Counterfeits

FRIDAY: Pennsylvanian Sentenced for Conspiracy to Distribute Chinese Drugs

FRIDAY: Chinese National Charged w/ Theft of Trade Secrets, Computer Intrusion

FRIDAY: Herbalife Agrees to Pay $122M for Bribing Chinese Officials

FRIDAY: Chinese National Charged w/ Destroying Hard Drive

DoD: Operation Warp Speed Over Halfway Towards Vaccine Trial Enrollment

Nevada Man Becomes America’s First Case of CCP Virus Re-Infection

Lasting Immunity Theory in Doubt as More Re-Infections Emerge

Finally, States are Retracting Hydroxycholorquine Bans

Biden’s Republican Endorser Runs a CCP-Staffed Consultancy

UK Has Golden Opportunity Post-Brexit for Japan Trade Deal

Thuggish Chinese Foreign Minister Warns Against Giving Hong Kongers Nobel Prize

HSBC Banking App Goes Dark, Causing Chaos for Thousands

Pompeo Scorches HSBC for Bullying Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Voices

Rogin: Americans Shouldn’t Be Forced to Invest in Chinese Military

FBI Warns Corporations About Chinese Theft

Chinese Diplomat Lies Again: Says CCP Virus Maybe Didn’t Originate in China

Censored Contagion: A Timeline of Chinese Censorship of the CCP Virus

Now Walmart Wants to Partner with Microsoft to Buy TikTok

Microsoft Collab’d with Sanctioned Military Proxy to Build CCP Operating System

POTUS to Announce $750M Deal for at least 150M Rapid Test Kits

“Slick Showpiece:” Chinese State Media Fawns Over Democrat Convention

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer Resigns After Just 100 Days

US Drops Sanctions Hammer on South China Sea Entities

Unwise: China Tests Carrier-Killer Missiles in Direct Challenge to US Pacific Fleet

Time to Worry: CCP Tells Citizens to “Don’t Panic Buy” Food, Oil

Trump USAGM Chief Sees Corruption at Org Tasked w/ Circumventing China’s Firewall

Trump 2nd Term Agenda Includes National 5G Network

Will the Dam Hold? Flooding Hits China’s Yangtze Again

US Sanctions Chinese National for Fentanyl Trafficking, CCP Plan to Weaken America

Chinese State Media Regards ‘Pro-Establishment’ Biden Victory As “Good News”

Biden Camp Accuses China of “Genocide”

Trump Admin Weighs Designation of China’s Actions Vs. Uyghurs “Genocide”

China Pressuring Pakistan to Open Trade Routes to Afghanistan

Inside the Chinese Military’s Attack on Canada’s Nortel

Thousand Talents: NASA Researcher Arrested for Lying, Wire Fraud

New Details on Covert Chinese Influence Op via GOP Donor Targeting Trump

Top Universities Taking Millions from China Front Groups

Aussie Spies Issue Alert to Universities over China Links

Confucius Institutes Are a Threat to India and the World

HK Researchers Say They’ve Found World’s 1st Case of COVID-19 Reinfection

FAKE Versions of Already-Dangerous China Vaxx Being Sold on WeChat

Faith Leaders: Uyghur Persecution One of Most Egregious “Since Holocaust“

Alliance of Liberty: Japan, India & Australia Eye “Supply Chain Pact” to Counter China
Democratic Party Platform Drops “One China” Language on Taiwan
“Biden Whisperer” Chris Coons Former Chief of Staff Now Lobbying for China
CCP Trojan Horse TikTok Takes Aim at Trump Admin in Court

China Sought to Kill 1MDB Investigation, Extradite Guo via GOP Fundraiser

Hackers Leak Internal Files of Chinese Online Spy Firms

French Study: Hydroxychloroquine “Significantly Associated” with Viral Load Reduction

Congressmen Demand Answers from FDA on Hydroxycholorquine Ban

Doc Group Sues FDA to End Arbitrary Restrictions on Hydroxycholorquine

Even China Now Recommends Chloroquine (Molecular Relative of HCQ) for CCP Virus

“A Political Hit Job!” – Bannon Vows to Fight Junk Charges By Far Left Attorneys

Capital Flight: $50 Billion of Crypto Floods Out of China as Investors Seek Higher Ground

Xi Declares War on Food Waste as Evidence of Food Shortages Mounts

Your Kids May Be Using Laptops Made With China’s Forced Uyghur Labor

China Buying Turkey’s Silence on Genocide of Turkic Uyghurs

Name the Enemy Act: No More Calling General Secretary Xi Jinping “President Xi”

China’s National Security Law Reaching into Harvard, Princeton Classrooms

Hunting the Phoenix: How China’s Recruiting Scientists Worldwide

Image Shows Chinese Sub Entering Secret Cave Facility in South China Sea

DOJ and FTC Must Stop Big Tech Companies from Censoring Speech

GOP Rep. Joins Senate Push to Recoup $1.6T in Century-old Chinese Debt

Anxiety Growing as Three Gorges Dam Hits Highest Level

Alliance of Liberty: Massive US-Taiwan Defense Deal… 90 F-16 Fighters

Xi Jinping Faces Widespread Opposition in His Own Party

Xi Turns on His Own Police: “Scrape the Poison off the Bone”

Internet Freedom Effort Resurrected at US Government Broadcaster

China Unveils “Sky Thunder” Weapons System Targeted at Sovereign Nation of Taiwan

Alliance of Liberty: India & Japan Prep Key Military Pact

Japanese PM Abe’s Party Seeks Stronger Security for Japan’s Senkaku Islands

RIMPAC, World’s Largest Naval War-game, Underway… Focus: China

Former CIA, FBI Agent Charged With Spying For Chinese Communist Party

Report: CCP Virus First Emerged in Miners in 2012

Don’t Let China Steal the Global Nuclear Power Industry

Shipbuilding Industry Fears Prompts Calls to Close one of China’s Consulates in Australia

Director of National Intelligence Describes China’s Election Interference Threat

CCP Agents Beat Australians in Australia

China Continues to Harass Exiles on British Soil

Banned Entity List Expanded to Include 38 Huawei Affiliates

Docs Pen Open Letter to Fauci on Hydroxychloroquine

Nepalese Journalist Reported on Chinese Encroachment; Now He’s Dead

“Highly Active” Chinese Spies Pose “Extreme Threat” to Australia’s Shipbuilding Plan

Japan Wants Six Eyes Intelligence Status: Defense Chief

Trump Issues New Order to Force TikTok Sale

India’s Modi Issues Warning Over Border Conflict with China

Xi’s Humiliation of Chinese Premier Hints at CCP Power Struggle

File Under “Bad Ideas:” Fauci Plans to Manufacture Coronavirus “Challenge Strain”

China Sets Trial Run for Orwellian Digital Yuan in Top City Hubs

Biden-Era Education Initiative Collaborates With Chinese Communist Party Fronts

China’s Trojan Horse Real Estate Acquisition Threatens America’s Power Grid

Prelude to Concentration Camps? China Mad at Pakistan Over Poor Security for Colonists

Company Fined for Importing Sweetener U.S. Says Was Made With Chinese Prison Labor

Brookings Partnered With Shanghai Policy Center Under Scrutiny for Spying

Lawmakers Demand Answers from World Bank on Uyghur Brainwashing Loans

ANOTHER Chinese IPO in America; Raises $2BN+

The American Blog Pushing Uyghur Genocide Denialism

WINNING: Designation of the Confucius Institutes as a Chinese Foreign Mission

McSally, Blackburn Demand China Repay its $1.6 Trillion Defaulted Debt

Hydroxy Works in High-Risk Patients; Saying Otherwise is Dangerous

Pelosi Staffer Registered As ‘Foreign Agent’ to Lobby For Chinese State Media Outlet

China Deployed Bombers To One Of Its South China Sea Fake Islands

Tyrants in China, Iran, North Korea Threaten Free Speech Worldwide

Apple Supplier Foxconn Making Mad Dash OUT of China

US Set to Make Confucius Institutes Register as Foreign Missions

UN-Linked Biotech Expert: CCP Virus is Bioengineered Lab Escapee

Stevie Nicks, at 72, Begs Fans to Wear Masks (How About Hydroxy Prophylaxis?)

Facebook’s CCP-Linked “Fact-checker” Censoring Articles About CCP Election Influence

Chinese Network of Fake Accounts Targeting Trump w/ AI-Generated Videos

Taiwan Retooling Defenses to Counter CCP’s Belligerence

Is Buddhist Holy Site China’s Next Target in India?

After Illegal Arrest, HK Publisher, Employees Released on Bail

TikTok Tracked User Data Using Tactic Banned by Google

Bombshell Book Highlights CCP’s Global Ambitions… and Influence

20K Fake IDs Seized in Chicago, Smuggled from China

Whistleblower Wuhan Doc Reveals Coronavirus Death Toll Coverup

HHS Sec Azar in Taiwan: Says China Should Get Honest on Pandemic

Biden-Linked AI Firm Sponsored Beijing Tech Confab w/ PLA Proxies

Chinese Regime Forced Uyghurs to Keep Production Lines Running During Pandemic

China Trying to Rig 2020 Election

Cry Me A River: Apple Frets Lost Sales over Bans on China’s TikTok, WeChat Spyware

Top Hong Kong Democracy Newspaper Raider, Founder Detained on False Charges

Chinese Man SWIMS 7 Hours to Taiwan for Freedom

China Sanctions 11 Americans in Retaliation for U.S. Action Against Hong Kong Officials

China Now Blocking a Large Subset of all Encrypted Web Traffic

US Sanctions China’s Puppet Hong Kong Dictator, 10 Others for Crackdown

Cyber Criminals Targeted Aussie Gov’t 450 Times in One Year

Chinese Hackers Have Pillaged Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry

US Action on TikTok, WeChat Symbolizes Backlash Against China, Inc.

Taipai Times: A Xinjiang Militia Guards Xi’s Empire

‘Zero Chance’ Coronavirus is Natural: Chinese Virologist

Pompeo Grabs the Big Guns: Five New Parts to Full Assault on China’s Tech Spying

Instagram Launches TikTok Killer

Dr. Hatfill: An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch

CCP Virus Opens New Doors for China’s Genetics Giant BGI

Harvard Dealt with Chinese Human Rights Violator Sanctioned by State Dept

Pope Francis’ Silence on Uyghur Issue Speaks Volumes

Report Finds Hollywood Increasingly Normalizing Censorship for China

NIGHTMARE: US Agency Gave Chinese, Iranians Security Clearances

Censored FDA Document: Hydroxychloroquine Would Hurt Big Pharma

Microsoft Works w/ CCP: 5 Reasons Trump Must Block TikTok Sale

Airing of Grievances: US, China Plan to Review Trade Deal Aug 15th

NYT Quietly Scrubs Chinese Propaganda

Washington Post Slammed as ‘Morally Bankrupt’ for Glowing Feature on Chinese Regime

Disney Ditches Theater Release for CCP Propaganda Film Mulan; Straight to Streaming

Crisis ‘Hotline’ Between US, China Feared as Possible Tool for Military Deception

Justice: Employees of Chinese Casino in Saipan Hit with Superseding RICO Indictment

Bannon’s Radio Free China

Trump Means Business: Will BAN China’s Trojan horse TikTok

Trump says will ban TikTok amid pressure on Chinese owner to sell

Trump Admin Hits Chinese Paramilitary Group w/ Human Rights Sanctions

The Disinfomercial: How Larry King Was Hoodwinked in Doing Chinese Propaganda

Inside China’s War on Muslim Women

Warriors’ Steve Kerr blasted for silence on NBA-China Camps

China Now Using Hong Kong “Security Law” Against Americans, Brits

New Zealand Reaching Tipping Point With China

PEW: 78% of Americans Blame China for Global Pandemic

Lights Flashing Red: Military “Indications and Warnings” from China

Hoover IDs 250+ Research Collabs b/t US Institutions, China’s “Seven Sons”

FBI Releases Must-Share Video on China’s Corporate Espionage

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft Attended AI Conf w/ Chinese Military Proxies

Barr Urged to Designate CCP a “Transnational Criminal Organization”

Say What?!? Sen. Feinstein (D-Cali): “China’s Growing into a Respectable Nation”

Fox News: W.H.O. Promotes China’s Organ Harvesting Program

Chinese Banks Restricting Consumer Purchases of Precious Metals

Alliance of Liberty Rising: Aussie Senator Says China “Cannot Take Us All On”

“Who do Chinese Diplomats Think They Are, Threatening Canadians?”


“Consequences:” China Pokes More Gangster Threats at UK’s Chest

New MI6 Spymaster: Libyan-born Turkish Speaker Richard Moore

Old MI6 Director: UK Needs “Coherent and Consistent” China strategy

Arkansas Prof Indicted: Hid China Ties to Secure NASA Funding

Neil Bush’s Company Signed Agreement w/ Chinese Military Space Firm

Chinese Arms Buildup Threatens Nuclear Balance, World Peace

UT Contacted by FBI Over Possible CCP Virus Research Theft

China to Test Its Dangerous Vaccine in Brazil

China Unlikely to Meet Targets for US Farm Imports

Rep. Buck Takes on Google for Collaborating w/ China’s Genocidal Regime

China’s Regime Swears it Isn’t Harboring International 1MDB Thief

Chinese Using Lawfare in American Courts to Pressure Dissidents

260 Chinese Boats Descend on the Galápagos; Ecuadorian Navy on High Alert

ESPN: Coaches at NBA China Academies Complained of Player Abuse

China Hacked THE VATICAN!

BANNON: China is in America’s Gun Sights… Seize CCP Assets

Chinese Consulates in NYC, San Francisco ID’d as Spy Hubs

WATCH: Bannon Explains US Approach to China on CNBC

China Builds Icebreaker, Sends to Arctic; Plans to Purchase Canadian Gold Mine

“Man Cannot Win Against Nature” — Fears Mount Over China’s Floods

Rising Prices, Larges Imports… China Food Crisis on the Horizon?

Hollywood’s Kowtowing to China Finally Takes Heat

Chinese Students in Australia Falling Victim to Virtual Kidnapping

Love Him or Hate Him, John Oliver Delivers Crushing Monologue on CCP Rights Abuses

Chinese Shipbuilder Planning Advanced Amphibious Assault Ship

NBA Feigns Concern: Closes Xinjiang Training Camp… is Merch Made w/ Slave Labor?

CCP Virus Relief Bill Includes Funding to Replace 46-Year Old FBI HQ

India’s Not Playing Around: Bans 47 More Chinese Apps

Bahnsen: Why NY Business Leaders Need to Push Hard to Reopen Fast

Taiwan Readies Defense Against Chinese Drone Swarm Attack

Thought Crimes: China’s Huawei Wants Aussies to Stop Funding Defense Think Tank

How a Chinese Agent Used LinkedIn to Hunt for Targets

China Threatens Australia AGAIN… This Time Over South China Sea

HSBC Takes to Chinese Social Media, Rejecting Frenemy China’s Accusations

Concerns Raised over New Zealand Crash that Killed Two Chinese Dissidents

Student Sues John Brennan Alma Mater After Ban for Commemorating Tiananmen

Anti-CCP Protestors Heckle China’s Spies as they Leave Houston Consulate

Agricultural Warfare? Reports of Unsolicited Seeds Mailed from China

Investigating Bill Gates’ Dealings with Chinese Military Nuclear Proxy

Chinese Consulate in Houston’s Door Forced Open After Closure

Alliance of Liberty: Team Bolsonaro Joins Team Trump in WTO Meeting

Alliance of Liberty: Australia Joins US in Rejecting China’s Maritime Claims

Alliance of Liberty: US Bill Backing Taiwan Passes: Port Calls + RIMPAC

Risks of China’s Three Gorges Dam Collapse Increasing

Gold Hits Record as World Awakens to Threats from China, CCP Virus

Singaporean Pleads Guilty to Working as Chinese Agent; Targeted State, DoD

Fugitive Chinese Researcher Leaves SanFran Consulate, Arrested Overnight

China’s Illegitimate Regime Orders US Consulate in Chengdu Closed

China: Pompeo Will Be Destroyed by “Endless Resistance;” Legacy “Worse Than Bannon”

DISTRUST AND VERIFY: Pompeo Lights Way for New Approach to CCP

China Offers $1bn “Loan” to Latin America, Caribbean to Buy Its Dangerous Vax

Harvard Center Hypes CCP While Receiving MILLIONS From Chinese Gov’t

Chinese Media Gives Away the Game: Coronavirus a Tool to Beat Trump

Chinese Drones are a Security Threat

FBI Interviewing Possible Chinese Spies Nationwide – Good Time to Defect

Pompeo Drops Bombshell: China “Bought” WHO Chief Tedros

S.F. Consulate is Harboring Chinese Military Researcher Wanted by FBI!

ACTION: Trump Admin. Orders Chinese Consulate in Houston CLOSED

ACTION: Visiting Stanford University Researcher Charged with Visa Fraud

ACTION: US Charges 2 Chinese State Security Hackers for Massive Intrusions

Lawfare: Unpacking the Recent Uyghur ICC Complaint Against China

U.S. Sanctions 11 Chinese Companies on Human Rights

Democrats Try to Expand Visa Loophole to Let CCP Members Buy US Citizenship

DC Mayor Partnered w/ China’s Confucius Institutes; Gave Access to Federal Property

PoliticalWire.com: China Says US Is ‘Possessed by Such Evil’

SAME GAME: Dems Want FBI to Spill Beans on Ongoing Investigations

BANNON: Trump Has WAR PLAN to TAKE DOWN Communist Party

Pandemic Profiteers: Your Mask Might Come from a Chinese Labor Camp

UK Suspends Extradition to Hong Kong; Calls Grow for Wider Policy Shift

China’s UK Ambassador Confronted Over Alarming Video

China New J-20B “Mighty Dragon” Stealth Fighter Coming Soon

State Cables Warned over Wuhan Lab, Chinese “Virome Project”

China’s 100-Year Dam Meets 200-Year Flood: 14 Perish, Fears Rise of Collapse

China Seizes Nine Firms Linked to Abducted CCP Princeling Financier Xiao Jianhua

Scientists ID Six Types of Coronavirus with Increasing Severity

Biden’s Top Pick for China Ambassador: He’ll Be Softer on China

State Hits 4 Chinese Nationals with Narcotics KINGPIN Designation

Chinese Gov Firm Wins Contract to Supply Security Equipment to Canada’s Embassies

AG Barr: China Waging “Economic Blitzkrieg” Against USA

China Announces Plan to Build MORE Virus Labs

FLASHBACK: China conducting covert biological weapons research, State Dept. says

Money, Sex, & Blackmail: How Elites are Being Seduced by China’s Spies

Spyware, Wiretaps Were Sold to China by UK… Who Else?

OPERATION FOX HUNT: China’s Secret Global Dissident Witch Hunt

“Human Rights Atrocities” — 60 Canadian MPs Urge Sanctions on Chinese officials

The Heavens Revolt: Floods & Pandemic Fuel Uncertainty for China as Food Prices Climb

Trump: China Responsible for Concealing Virus, No Plans to Speak to Xi Jinping

WINNING: Trump Signs Bill & Executive Order Holding China Accountable re: Hong Kong

Trump administration to end audit deal underpinning China’s stock listings in U.S

WINNING: US Rejects China’s False Territorial Claims in South China Sea

Top US Diplomat: US Could Sanction Chinese Officials Over South China Sea

China Decides to Pick a Fight… with Lockheed-Martin

Emerging Axis: Iran & China Striking $400 BILLION Deal

California US Representative Jackie Speier (Democrat) Praises China on Coronavirus

Hong Kong Virologist Whistleblower: “We Don’t Have Much Time”


SHOW NO MERCY: Huawei Begs for British Reprieve Until After UK Election

Ex-MI6 Boss Warns of Close Links Between Huawei & Chinese Military

German Intel Sounds Alarm on China Tech Firms; Will Merkel Listen?

BADGE OF HONOR: CCP Sanctions Rubio, Cruz, Smith, & Brownback

Attacks on Trump’s USAGM Pick Undermine the US Battle Against China

Australian Attorney-General Warns of TikTok Social Media Manipulation

China Orders Woman in Australia to Report to Chinese Police

Wells Fargo Tells Workers to DELETE TIKTOK as Security, Privacy Concerns Grow

Gordon Chang: Virologist Whistleblower’s Claims are Credible


Flashback: Matthew Palumbo — TikTok is the Next Battlefield


Trump’s Man at Voice of America to Halt Visas for Non-American Journalists

Amazon Gets Smart: Tells Employees to Delete TikTok… Amazon Still In China’s Pocket.

Pandemic Offers a Rare Chance for Spies to Get Smarter in Cyber Space

Hong Kong Stormtroopers Raid Offices of Public Opinion Pollster

China Says It Will Sanction Americans Who “Behave Badly” By Defending Human Rights

BANNON: White House is Too Passive Now… “Action, Action, Action”

NOT ON OUR WATCH: U.S. Sanctions China’s Officials for HORRIFIC Abuses

How Biden’s Foreign Policy Team Got Filthy Rich

Secretive Pro-China Lobby Group Got 350K in PPP Funds

Why Ukraine is a Secret Weapon for China’s Air Force

The 25 Year Plan: Secret Iran-China Deal Leaked

Ohio State Researcher Charged With Using US Taxpayer Funds to Help China

Hong Kong’s Richest Man is Losing Friend Fast

China’s Great Firewall — A New Iron Curtain — Descends on Hong Kong

China Opens Spy Office In Converted Hong Kong Hotel

Experts Raise BIG Concerns About Chinese Genetics Giant BGI

Chinese Ambassador Secretly Recruited Scientists

US Will Act to Deny China Access to Americans’ Data

State Dept. Bans Chinese Officials Who Restrict Access to Tibet

Canadian Province Closing China’s Confucius Institute

Ex-DNC Official (Biden Endorser) Now Lobbies for Chinese Tech Giant

PPP for the CCP: Millions In Loans Went To Communist Party-Linked Firms

Communist China Won’t Change — Until Its People and the West Demand It

FBI: China Waging Campaign to Subvert U.S. Gov’t, Private Sector | SPEECH

Aussie Labor Party Pushes Sanctions Bill to Target Human Rights Abusers

Merkel Comes Under Fire at Home for China Stance

Huawei’s Window of Opportunity Closing: Geopolitics Trumping Technology

Pompeo: US Looking at Restricting China’s TikTok Surveillance App

Fueled By Fears of China Links, Zoom Competitor “Jio” Has Huge Debut In India

US Colleges Prepare for Sharp Drop In Foreign Students, Esp. From China

Obama Admin Staffer-turned-Biden Endorser Lobbied for Huawei

GENOCIDE: Uyghurs File Lawsuit at The Hague Vs. China

Coronavirus Related to SARS-CoV-2 Found in Chinese Mine in 2013 Was Sent to Wuhan Lab

Ex-MI6 Chief: Coronavirus May Have Been Lab-Engineered, Escaped

Navarro: CCP Needs to Come Clean About Coronavirus

TikTok is a Data Collection Service Veiled as a Social Network… Delete it Now

Michael Pack Stands His Ground Amid D.C. Firestorm

Analysts: Trump Should Bring Back Bannon

Two US Navy Carrier Strike Groups Deployed to South China Sea

Experts: China’s Atrocities Against Uyghurs Are “Genocide”

Chinese Cyber Security Law May Make Companies Disclose ALL Security Plans

“Anonymous” Targets TikTok: “Delete TikTok now”

SHOCK VIDEO: US Students Targeted With CCP Propaganda

California Rejects Chinese Firm’s Push to Access US Genetic Material

China Never Reported Existence of Coronavirus to WHO

Behind the $7M PR Firm Backing CCP’s Hong Kong Crackdown

Why Duterte Backflipped on His Divorce Plans with US Military

China Threatens WTO Action Over India’s Chinese App Bans

Protest Erupts At China’s DC Embassy: “Take Down the CCP”

UK Summons Chinese Ambassador Over Hong Kong Repression

Hundreds Arrested As Hong Kong National Security Law Takes Effect

U.S. Border Agency: 11,000 Assault Weapons Parts Smuggled In From China

U.S. Border Agency Seizes Almost 13 Tons of HUMAN HAIR from China

State, Treasury, Commerce, & DHS Issue Warning on China’s Slave Labor

China’s “FakeSpy” Spyware Masquerades As Postal Service Apps

China’s “GoldenEagle” Spyware Has Stalked Uyghurs Worldwide for Seven Years

Mark Simon: Biden Team Stacked With China Appeasers

Top Religious Freedom Watchdog: Chinese Regime May Be Engaged in Genocide

Gulags: Hong Kongers May Face LIFE IN PRISON Under New “Security” Law

FCC Designates Huawei, ZTE As National Security Threats

Chinese National Guilty of Laundering Millions for Mexican Drug Cartels

India Bans Chinese Apps on National Security Grounds

Details Behind Raid of Australian MP Released; China Connection Suspected

Hauwei’s Darkest Secret Could Pose a Big Problem

Four Charged for Attempting to Tear Down Statue of President Andrew Jackson

China’s ‘Confucius’ Propaganda Institutes Operate In Hundreds Of US K-12 Schools

US Bars Dual-Use Defense Exports to Hong Kong

Report: China Committing Genocide via Forced Abortions, Sterilization

DHS Scientists Rushing to Unlock Secrets of CCP Coronavirus

Swine Flu w/ Human Pandemic Potential Being Found in Chinese Pigs

As Critics Rage, Pack Aims to Pierce China’s Info Firewall

Chinese Mega-Fraud “Luckin Coffee” to Delist from NASDAQ

Professor Convicted of Stealing Trade Secrets for China

Jewish Organization Celebrates Passage of Uyghur Sanctions Bill

NYT Columnist David Brooks: Trump Should Listen to Bannon over Kushner

Nat Sec Advisor O’Brien Calmly Destroys CCP in Half-Hour Speech | (WATCH HERE)

CCP Tries to Hijack US Foreign Policy W/ Trade Deal Purchases

China Pushes “Palace Diplomacy” In Africa, Bribing & Spying On Rulers

DOD Produces List of Chinese Military-Linked Companies

China Using Counter-terrorism As Pretext to Detain Uyghurs

CDC Claims CCP Virus Cases May Be 10x What’s Being Reported

The “United Front” — How China Has Co-opted the US Media

Top Zoom Investor Funded Chinese Communist Party-Linked AI Program

State Dept. Designates More Chinese Media Companies as “Foreign Missions”

CNN Reporters Now Working for Chinese Propaganda Outlet

Trump Admin Shuts Down Radio Station Run by Chinese Propaganda Outlet

A Fundamental Change: AG Barr Says US Is Cracking Down on Chinese Spying

China Accused of Targeting, Intimidating Uyghur Refugees in Europe

Poll Shows Highest Ever Support for Taiwan Independence

Chinese Navy Gets Closer to Next Generation of Nuclear Subs

Apple Kowtows to China; Thousands of Games to be Deleted from App Store

Citing Intrusion Into India’s Ladakh Region, Pompeo Blasts China as “Rogue Actor

IRS Expands Criteria for Withdrawing Retirement Funds Due to CCP Virus

China To Create Hong Kong “Security Bureau,” Further Smothering Freedo

Australia Under Sophisticated, Sustained Cyber Attack

China Falsely Charges Two Canadians With Espionage in High-Stake Huawei Hostage Ploy

Ex-Google CEO: “No Question” Huawei Routed Data to Beijing

China’s Surprise Years in the Making: An EMP Attack

Three Ex-Aides to Taiwanese Legislators Exposed as Spies for China

US Is Taking Action on Uyghurs… Now Other Nations Must, Too

China Building Massive DNA Database of Men and Boys

China’s Media Influence Has Gone Global; So Has the Pushback

Inndia’s Intel Agencies Blacklist 52 Mobile Apps w/ Links to China: LIST

PLA suffers ’43 casualties’ in border clash with India: Report

Users of Chinese App TikTok Requesting Trump Rally Tix They’ll Never Use

Chinese Appliance Billionaire Held Hostage By Attackers With Explosives

CCP Virus Survivor Gets Hit With $1.1 MILLION Medical Bill

Chinese Consulates Deploying “Mask Diplomacy” Across US

The India-China Border Dispute Explained in 400 Words

54 Scientists Have Lost Jobs Due to NIH Probe into Foreign Funding

Bannon: 2020 Election is All About China

Over 1,300 Chinese Medical Device Suppliers Using Bogus Registration Data

MORE Probably-Chinese Spyware Found Targeting Uyghurs, Tibetans, Others

American Express Latest Firm to Bend Knee for Chinese Market Access

Lockdowns Are Back As Virus Re-Emerges in Beijing

Biden Promised He’d Pay China Despite China Owing U.S. 1.6 TRILLION

Bannon, Bass, CPDC Call on Mnuchin to BAN China from US Markets

Chinese Military Officer Arrested at LAX for Visa Fraud; Had US Lab Info

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Demand Answers from Zoom

China, Notorious for False Charges, Sentences Australian to Death

China Ignored Sanctions on Venezuela, Bought Oil Anyway

Twitter Admits China Using Massive Army to Influence Politics

Zoom Confirms It Censored Tiananmen Activists at China’s Behest

US Deploys Two Carrier Strike Groups As China Threatens Taiwan, Japan

EU Diplomat Channels Neville Chamberlain: “China Not A Military Threat”

Huawei, Hong Kong, HSBC… Pompeo Calls Out China For Bullying UK

Huawei’s Future Fading Quickly As Global Alliance Emerges

“5-Eyes” Intel Alliance Will Boost Supply Chain Security

Harvard Scientist Indicted for Lying About Wuhan “Thousand Talents” Research

GOP Calls for Sanctions on China’s Shadowy “United Front”

ICYMI: How All-American Mom Became a Informant for Chinese Spies

UK Study Examines Why Some Ethnicities Are Hit Harder By CCP Virus

Lax Oversight Letting Chinese Telcos Conduct Espionage in U.S.

Chinese Propaganda Outlet Has Paid US Media $19 Million For Advertising, Printing

Australia Must Help Win a ‘New Cold War’ Against China and Defend Democracy

Coronavirus Obliterated Best African-American Job Market on Record

Grad Student Files Class Action; Wants Tuition Refund for Online Class

China’s Censorship Likely Slowed World’s Response to Pandemic

Sat Data Suggests Pandemic Might’ve Started in China Earlier Than Admitted

Navarro: China Has Exploited Pandemic to Advance Its Strategic Interests

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Threatens W.H.O. Exit, Accuses of Idealogical Bias

TIME Op-Ed: US Must Use New Law to Sanction China Over Religious Persecution

Students Call to Shut Beijing-Funded Confucius Institutes

New Evidence China KNEW Virus Was Contagious & Lethal Before It Told World

Pompeo Blasts China over “Obscene Propaganda” Over George Floyd

Raising $400M From US Markets, Chinese Firm Has Biggest Ever NASDAQ Biotech IPO

Lawmakers From Around World Form Alliance to Tackle China Challenge

China’s WHO Goodwill Ambassador is a CCTV Reporter, Aired Forced Confession

Chinese Soccer Superstar Calls for Overthrow of Communist Party, Stunning World

China Threatens UK AGAIN… This Time Over Hong Kong Refugees

Former British Intel Head Says Pandemic Was Likely A Lab Accident

Australia & India Sign on To Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

China’s Official Narrative on Wuhan Wet Market Contradicted by Leaked Document

Chinese Company Charged With Exporting Misbranded, Defective Masks

Hong Kong: Thousands Defy Ban, Gather to Remember Tiananmen Massacre

China: Knife-Wielding School Security Guard Goes on Rampage, Injuring Dozens

Dr. Thayer: The Chinese Regime Is Not Legitimate

Hong Kong Fears for Internet as Freedoms Disappear

Reporters Without Borders: China Remains #1 Enemy of Press Freedoms

State Dept. May Demand Hit More Chinese Media Outlets With Reciprocal Restrictions

Facebook To Stop Chinese & Russian State Media From Buying Ads

Google: China & Iran Are Attempting to Hack Trump & Biden Campaigns

Feeding the Dragon, Google DELETES App That Helped Users Delete Chinese Apps

Chinese Mask Maker Gets Sweetheart Reprieve on $1bn Cali Mask Deal

Chinese Propagandists Seize on George Floyd Protests

Chinese State Media Claims Chinese Citizens Cheering Unrest

Bombshell Recordings: China Withheld Virus Info from WHO Even as Org Praised

China’s New High-Security Compound in Pakistan Hints at Naval Threat

US Issues Bipartisan Rebuke to China for Border Aggression With India

Indian App to Remove Chinese Apps Skyrockets to 1M Downloads in 2 Weeks

Ex-Chinese Official Extradited to US on Money Laundering Charges

Peter Morici: Sanction Chinese Banks for Hong Kong Repression

Health Officials Worry Protests Will Spark A Second Virus Wave

China Predictably Doesn’t Honor US Trade Deal, Halts Some Ag Purchases

China Furious That US Is Protecting S. Korea from N. Korean Missiles

China Prepping Effort to Seize Control of Airspace in South China Sea

Opinion: US Should Ignore any new China ADIZ in the South China Sea

Trump Takes Action to Eliminate Hong Kong Special Status

President Announces US ‘Terminating’ Relationship with WHO

Top Chinese General Says China May Attack Taiwan

10 Nation Alliance Forming, Could Clean Path to Huawei-Free Future

Australian University Suspends Undergrad for 2 YEARS for Protesting China

U.S. to Expel Chinese Grad Students With Ties to China’s Military Schools

China Approves Hong Kong “National Security” Law; World Preps Response

The Hong Kong Dollar: The Next Black Swan?

Wuhan Police Raid Christian Pastor’s Home, Drag Him Away During Zoom Event

Pompeo: Hong Kong ‘No Longer Autonomous,’ Sets Stage for Sanctions

Rogin: We Must Find Bipartisanship on China Issue… NOW

House Passes Bill to Sanction Chinese Officials Over Human Rights Atrocities 413-1

Huawei Princess Loses Extradition Decision; HSBC Implicated in Iran Malfeasance

China Frets Lawsuits; Drafts Law to Its Let Citizens Arbitrarily Sue US States

Three Chinese Nationals Murdered In Zambia As Resentment Over Racism Grows

Twitter Hires Chinese Regime-Linked AI Expert

Dictator Xi Orders Military to Prepare for War

How India Can Deter China: Push Back in South China Sea

Taiwan Accelerates Missile Program In Response to Increasing Mainland Threats

Israel Chooses Wisely: Rejects Chinese Bid for Major Project

Pandemic Casts Light on Decades of Chinese Regime’s Racism Towards Africans

China Building Government Buildings in Africa, Probably to Spy on African Leaders

Roger Kimball: Let’s Blame China

Trump: “As One Nation, We Mourn”

Bannon: “If We Blink, We’re Heading On a Path to War”

China’s ‘Bat Woman’ Says Coronavirus Is Just Tip of the Iceberg

Economic Warfare: China Drops Currency to Lowest Vs Dollar Since 2008

US Is Ahead of China in Vaccine Race, For Now

China’s Orwellian Health Scores Aren’t Going Away

Uyghurs Being Disappeared in Forced Labor At Accelerating Rate

Chinese Regime’s Racist Coronavirus Measures Against Africans Spark Outcry

Australian Undergrad Student Stands Up to CCP, Exposes University’s Kowtowing

Silicon Valley Collaborating With Sanctioned Chinese Entities

China Prepping Orwellian National Digital Currency

China Blocking US Flights As Airlines Struggle

UK, Australia, Canada Sternly Warn China Over Hong Kong

Pompeo: China’s Law “Death Knell” for Hong Kong; Warns of Consequences

Sky Turns PITCH BLACK in Beijing As Hong Kong Crisis Looms for Communist Party

Trump Warns US Will “React Strongly” If China Passes Hong Kong Law

UK Shares Plunge as Over China’s Attempts to Destroy Hong Kong Freedom

Atlantic: Hong Kong’s Revolutionary Anthem Is a Challenge to China

Chinese Communist Party Prepares “National Security” Law to Strangle Hong Kong

Fauci: Being Closed for Too Long Could Cause “Irreparable Damage”

Aussie TV Host: China In Hands of Thugs And Gangsters

Another Massive Lockdown Underway in China; WHO Covers It Up AGAIN

Bannon Predicts “American Jobs for American Workers” As Supply Chains Return

President Reveals He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine

China Declares Economic War on US Ally Australia

Pompeo Warns China Over Hong Kong Autonomy

Australia Wins Support from 120 Countries for Virus Inquiry

Pompeo Warns China Over Hong Kong Autonomy

Australia Wins Support from 120 Countries for Virus Inquiry

Taiwan’s Inclusion in W.H.O. Under Consideration, China Likely to Block

Chinese Journalist Goes on Trial FOR TWEETS After 9 Months in Jail

China Has Arrested At Least 500 For Talking About Coronavirus

Revealed: China’s Plans to Censor the Entire Internet

Charles Kolb: It’s Time To Tear Down China’s Internet Firewall

Democrats Push $3T Stimulus Bill Through House

Beijing Biden Attacks Trump for “Playing the China Card”

House of Representatives Approves “Remote Voting”

Investigational Vaccine Yields Promising Results in Monkey Study

President Announces “Super-Duper” Missile to Counter China, Russia

US Deals Massive Blow to Huawei With Export Controls; China Vows “Counterattack”

Think Tank: Evidence for China’s Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience

Gertz: Chinese Deception Fuels Fears of Ethnic-Genetic Experiments

Chinese State Media: China Will Interfere in US Election

Revealed: China’s Plans to Censor the Entire Internet

Charles Kolb: It’s Time To Tear Down China’s Internet Firewall

Senate Passes Bill to Address China’s Human Rights Atrocities

POTUS Preparing Executive Order to Spur Domestic Pharmaceutical Production

FBI: China Trying to Steal Vaccine, Treatment Research from America

Leaked Chinese Military Database Shows China’s Lying on Infection Numbers

Canadian Gov’t Partners With Chinese Military to Test Vaccine on Humans

Trump Order Pulls Federal Retirement Funds Invested in Chinese Stocks

George Soros: Don’t Work With China on Coronavirus

Virus Collector Miffed His US-funded Wuhan Contract Was Cut? A Hillary Donor.

Chinese Military Deeply Involved in Wuhan Coronavirus Research

Surge in Cybertheft; Chinese Military, Intel Targeting Vaccine Research

Brahma Chellaney: World Faces Moment of Truth on China

Satellite Imagery Shows Chinese Overseas Naval Base Expanding

Chinese State Media Launches Pitiful Attack on Bannon. Why Now?

German Intelligence: China Asked W.H.O. to Cover Up Pandemic

Mysterious Cellphone Data Indicates Possible Wuhan Lab Accident

US Navy Warns Chinese Communist Party: Stop Bullying Neighbors

Senate Majority Leader Expects Vote on Chinese Regime’s Human Rights Abuses

Pence Press Secretary Positive for CCP Virus

SHOCK: Coronavirus Survivors Banned From Joining Military

GOP Bill to Rename Street Outside Chinese Embassy for Hero Whistleblower

YouTube Kowtows; Demonetizes Chinese Dissident’s Video

Chinese Virus Testing Firm Liked to “Serious Human Rights Abuses”

China Suspected of Bio-Espionage in Heart of European Union

Mysterious Shipment of Ebola from Canada to Wuhan Under Investigation

Pompeo Presses Case Against China Over Virus Origin Cover-up, Taiwan

Steve Bannon: The Chinese People Want to Be Whistleblowers

Lawsuits Against China’s Communist Party Are Multiplying

Chinese Regime’s Media Takes Direct Aim At Bannon, Pompeo

London School of Economics Analyst Pushes CCP Propaganda Attacking Bannon

LEAK: “China’s CIA” Is Terrified of a Tiananmen-Style Backlash Over Virus

Trump Official Warns China of Populist Backlash Over Repression

CCP Virus Survivors Want Answers; China’s Communist Party Is Silencing Them

POTUS Trump Suspects Communist Regime Let Virus Spread on Purpose

DHS Intel: CCP Hid Virus Severity to Siphon Up World’s Medical Supplies


Dems Enlist AI Firm to Attack Trump Response to Coronavirus

GOP Rep. Unveils Bill to Probe WHO’s Response to Coronavirus

China Scrambles to Erase Data from Wuhan Lab Website… Too Late

Cyber-spies Out to Steal Our Coronavirus Vaccine Secrets

POTUS Announces Remdesivir Emergency Use Authorization

Education Dept. Takes Aim At Uni. of Texas Over Wuhan Lab, Huawei, Zoom

GOP Pleads for Bipartisanship on WHO, Chinese Influence to Protect World Health

Poll: Overwhelming Majority Believe Virus Came From Wuhan Lab

Top Spy Agency Says Wuhan Lab Being Investigated As Possible Origin

Washington DC May Not Re-Open for THREE Months

CCP Virus May Kill 100K By End of Summer, Approaching WW1 Numb

Pompeo Says China Responsible for Outbreak: Must Detail Origin

US Gov Analysis: Wuhan Lab Most Likely Source of Outbreak

Ex-Clinton Official, Biden Staffer, WHO Expert Says Wuhan Lab Most Likely Source

DHS: China May Be Spying Via Zoom; Zoom Attacks US Gov’t As “Misinformed”

House Cancels Returning To Work, Citing Too High Risk

US Imposed New Export Restrictions on Sensitive Goods to China

China’s Virus Deaths May Have Been FIFTY TIMES What Communist Party Claimed

China Threatens Australia over Virus Inquiry

China Threatens EU over Disinformation Report

Chinese Hackers Hit US, Allied Research Institutions, Universities, Companies

“Frontline” Chinese Research Firm Hacked, Data for Sale on Dark We

LEE SMITH: How Sen. Feinstein Used Her Power to Help China

LEE SMITH: The China Rethink: US Politicians Realizing China At War With

Pandemic Reveals Horrifying Lack of Ethics and Biosafety at Chinese Virology Labs

China’s Communist Regime Now Responsible for 50K+ Dead Americans

Bat Lady of Wuhan “Kept a Large Reservoir of Bat Viruses & Related Vaccines”

China Was Behind US “Lockdown” Disinformation Panic & Chaos

Missouri Files First State Lawsuit vs. China Over Coronavirus “Deceit”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart