‘We Are At War’: Naomi Wolf Breaks Down The WHO’s Plan To Seize Power

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Author Naomi Wolf was on “War Room” today to warn about the coming plan to surrender US sovereignty to the Chinese-dominated World Health Organization.

“This is where we are, and I predicted this about 13 months ago. I said there will come a time when things will start coming to us so quickly… and it will be one crisis after another, and I told you exactly what they would be… disruptions in the food supply, disruptions in the energy grid, disruptions in the cyber grid, and there would be a reason not to have the midterms. … President Biden extended the state of emergency last month, but with no terminus date…. Our southern border is open. There are fighting age men pouring over from Afghanistan and Ukraine… going to places around the country. … You’ve already got in place all the elements of a war.”

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