We Must Have The Courage To Do What We Know Is Morally Right

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“They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong. There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

These words are the words of one of America’s greatest men, President Ronald Reagan, from his speech A Time For Choosing. His words could not be more relevant today. If we wish to keep our freedoms, we must begin to speak the truth, no matter the consequences, and there is plenty of truth that needs to be spoken. Let’s take a look at where American society stands today and you will see that we are moving completely away from what is true and morally right.

Let us start by looking at the truth about race. America is not perfect, but our country is not systemically racists. Our founders made mistakes in their own lives, just as each of us do, but they worked together to create a country that gives all individuals the ability to succeed through hard work and a willingness to push through obstacles. They demanded equality for all by giving each the same opportunities.

Next, let us look at the family. Families are the core of America and both fathers and mothers contribute to healthy children. Sex is part of marriage, and children should be conceived within that framework. We are not meant to conceive out of wedlock, nor to abort unwanted children, even after birth, because of our selfish desire to avoid hardship.

Biology has taken on a life of its own when it comes to gender issues. The science of biology tells us that men and women are born a specific gender, and those genders are different from one another intentionally. Gender is not based on feelings, but biology. Allowing people to believe in ideas that are not scientific may seem to be kind, but such ideas will only causes more confusion and pain, like taking a pain pill to cover up a broken leg. In the end, one’s ability to walk will be impeded if the leg is not set correctly to begin with. Calling men women and women men, or attempting to negate gender all together so as not to offend, is simply agreeing to lie to one another. Once again, in the end, the consequences will be devastating. It should never be an intent to hurt another’s feelings; however, truth should not be seen as falsehood if a society is to survive.

Next, let us look at the ever-popular Democratic Socialism. America was not designed to be a welfare state. Americans are meant to help one another rather than depending on the government. Bureaucracy is never our friend and often times government handouts will hinder a person from getting the real help they need to succeed on their own. Still, many are calling for Democratic Socialism to solve America’s poverty problems. However, we cannot eliminate economic inequality by controlling businesses and by redistributing wealth. People will soon lose the desire to work if there is no incentive to do so. I believe there is a simpler solution to America’s poverty issues than destroying America as we know it. The solution is to provide the correct type of education to all Americans. America has created an educational system where people must go to college to succeed, but we consistently graduate students without the skills to actually get a job. However, if we were to support technical training the same way we support a college education, we would discover that many more students would be prepared to walk into good paying jobs that actually interest them.

Discussing education in America leads us to the issue of illegal immigration and its effect on our educational system, on the American middle class, and those at or below the poverty level. Illegal immigration prevents us from putting the necessary financial resources into American students who are citizens. It creates a system where we must meet the needs of non-citizens who may have far less education and who cannot speak English, but speak one of numerous other languages, and who come from families who are unable to support them or, with Biden’s CAM program, teens who have no families at all. America is the most unselfish country on the planet when it comes to helping others, but it is the job of America to help Americans first.

President Reagan was correct when he said, we must have the courage to do what we know is morally right,” and, consequences be damned, we need to stand up today and do just that!

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Dana Van Schaack is the owner of TheThinkingConservative.com website which shares conservative opinions to help people understand conservatism and its importance to our freedom and our pursuit of happiness.

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