‘We Should Abolish It’: French Vaccine Passport Protests Continue for 6th Weekend

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More protests erupted across France to demonstrate against the country’s COVID-19 vaccine passports over the weekend, with tens of thousands of people marching in Paris and other cities.

The French Interior Ministry told Reuters that about 175,000 people demonstrated on Aug. 21—the sixth straight weekend. Last weekend, about 215,000 people partook in the demonstrations, and a week before that, about 237,000 turned out.

More people might protest next Saturday, however, as French citizens are returning from their summer vacations in the coming days.

“This health pass divides French people. I think that is clear. And unfortunately, I believe we should abolish it,” said civil servant Sophie Soulas at the Paris protest, according to EuroNews.

Many people chanted phrases such as “freedom” and “free France.” Some also chanted against French President Emmanuel Macron and called on him to abolish the vaccine passports, which were passed by the French Parliament several weeks ago and later upheld by the country’s highest court.

According to local reports, about 200 different demonstrations were held across France in various cities and towns.

About a week ago, New York started its own vaccine passport system at restaurants, gyms, theaters, and bars, even as certain demographics in the city have very low vaccination rates. San Francisco, too, also started a vaccine passport system.

By Jack Phillips

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