We’re At Risk Of The Constitution Becoming Purely Theoretical

Naomi Wolf on War Room Pandemic
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Naomi Wolf on War Room

Author Naomi Wolf lays out her theory of the case for why the Biden regime is preparing a coup or simply the implementation of tyranny under the guise of COVID protection.

“The goal of coups everywhere around the world is to install a puppet government and subvert the population. … If you were a foreign adversary, another superpower, and you wanted to subdue the United States and emasculate the United States essentially as superpower, … you would enforce emergency law in 47 states… That’s the definition of coup, we don’t have functioning state legislatures any more, we’re not under the rule of law due to these health-care measures… You would create havoc in the cities. You would dissolve institutions like churches and synagogues and free assembly… You would break down people’s personal autonomy. You would enforce submission…  You would separate parents from children. You’d break down the family. You’d make war on the citizens, and I think what we have to see is a pattern in this administration.”

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