We’re Dealing With An Existential Threat To Freedom

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Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel has been working on behalf of American citizens who are fighting vaccine mandates on religious or medical grounds, and notes that Maine and New York are refusing to recognize the constitutional protections for religious belief. Liberty Counsel is fighting to ensure the Constitution is honored.

“I grew up in a communist country where we were told even as young children that because our religious beliefs were not on a the government approved list, we were not going to be able to go to certain universities or have certain jobs, that we were slated for factory menial work because that is what the communists had decided for us. … We fled that communist regime to come to the land of the free. And when I look around today, Steve, I am seeing history repeating itself in front of my very eyes. Because there is a concerted effort now to purge people of faith from the military, from the government, from health care, from all kinds of private employment situations because they will not go along with a government mandated vaccine that has its genesis in abortion.”

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