We’re Done In Texas If Anyone Can Vote

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton talks to host Steve Bannon about a dangerous court ruling in Texas that may open the door to voter fraud. That’s because the Court of Criminal Appeals has declared unconstitutional a statute giving the Texas Attorney General authority to “prosecute a criminal offense prescribed by the election laws of this state.” Using boneheaded logic, the 8-1 court said that the attorney general is a member of the executive branch and that prosecuting crimes is a judicial rather than an executive function.

“They struck down a statute from 1951 that tells the attorney general to prosecute voter fraud. … That is a such a problem because these liberal counties … have very liberal DA’s that have been funded by George Soros. They are not going to prosecute voter fraud, and that’s the only alternative, so we will have all these counties where everybody will know, hey, there’s no downside to cheating!”

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