‘The CCP Is Really Great!’: Jackie Chan Says He Wants to Join Chinese Communist Party

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Jackie Chan may be a star in the U.S., but don’t assume that means he’s a fan of democracy.

During a July 8 Beijing symposium celebrating the Chinese Communist Party’s centennial, the action star sang the praises of the Party and stated outright that he would like to count himself among its ranks.

“I’m jealous that you are CCP members. The CCP is really great,” he told the communist leaders who were present, adding, “The CCP’s promises don’t take 100 years, they are fulfilled in decades. I want to become a CCP member.”

These remarks follow on the heels of Chan’s performance in “The Epic Journey,” a play that celebrated the founding of the CCP. One scene featured the Hong Kong-born action star singing “Defend the Yellow River,” a Chinese patriotic song about the country’s 1939 war with Japan.

John Lee, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told Vice that if Chan does apply for CCP membership, “the party is likely to ‘look favorably’ on [him], thanks to his celebrity status and long-standing relationship with officials.”

Lee added, “The party is also keen to make the point that Hong Kong is inevitably being integrated into the mainland, so granting membership to a high-profile figure like Jackie Chan would strongly support their narrative.”

By  Megan Basham

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