Why and How THIS Georgia Election Can and Should Be Different

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

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The Republicans allowed the Democrats to manipulate high tech, the press, and the election laws once, for the general elections held this past November, and the Democrats are to blame. But if the Republicans allow the Democrats to get away with the same tactics again, they will have only themselves to blame.

It’s a given that the chain of custody of the ballots will be scrutinized more carefully this time around, but there is a lot more to be done.

Polls have shown that had the Democrats and Independents known about the allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden before the elections, enough would have switched their votes to President Trump to enable him to easily win the election despite all the cheating that was done on behalf of Biden. But the modern oligarchs of high tech and the spineless lemmings of low tech suppressed the allegations, let alone the concrete evidence that was known to high tech and the press before the elections but that was finally revealed to the American public, at least in part, after the elections.

But it was not just the suppression of the negative information about the Bidens, including other negative information about Joe’s gaffes and/or alleged lies and/or senility, etc., that swung the election to Biden; the suppression of positive information about President Trump had the same effect. For example, had the American people known about the Middle East deals brokered by President Trump with three separate Arab countries and Israel before the election, let alone the one that came after the election, plus the deal with a non-Arab country, many of the voters would have realized that President Trump was and is not the buffoon or anti-Semite that the mainstream press made him out to be, but rather the broker of more Middle East peace deals than all the U.S. presidents before him combined – Republican and Democrat. If Obama won the Nobel Prize before even assuming office, imagine how many Nobel prizes President Trump is entitled to.

All the Republicans have to do now is to simply call the attention of the Independents and the Democrats to the information that was suppressed prior to the election but revealed to some extent after it, and in some cases that is still being suppressed by the mainstream press, in order to turn the tide in favor of the Republicans. Regardless of all the personality arguments against the president and all the corruption charges against the Republican candidates for the Senate, the run-off elections for the controlling 2 seats in Georgia this January are bigger that that; the run-off elections in Georgia are not primarily about the personal character or style of individuals, as important as that may be, but rather, much more significantly, who will control the Senate, and whether the country will move toward socialism and open borders, with both sets of legislators (the House and the Senate) behind the president, the socialists, the anarchists, and the other extremists, or whether there will be checks and balances.

The run-off election is much bigger than about 2 or 3 politicians. It will determine whether we retain our resolve and our identity as the leading country of the free world or whether we dissolve into a global community; whether we continue to strive for the highest standard of living in history or whether we will lose or forfeit opportunities to rise above the level of a country where everyone lives in equally low standards, at best; whether we live or die as individuals in a society where all lives matter or live and die in fear of riots and destruction where only some black lives matter (certainly not the lives of often uninsured or underinsured African-American small business people whose life savings go up in smoke during every violent riot), whether we believe that leading scientists with impeccable credentials on both sides can differ or that only the scientists who seek to close down our society will go unchallenged; and whether only all legitimate votes count or whether we will live under the rule and rules of the Stalinists who take the position that it is not who votes that count but who counts the votes.

A single further issue should be enough to turn the tide, whether Americans really want the consequences of covid-19 combined with open borders at this time in our history to potentially infect all of us. The killer virus clearly killed the chances of President Trump to win by a landslide because the pre-covid economy was doing so well, and even minorities were doing better on his watch than under any prior president, including Obama. But the virus can also infect and kill an inordinately high percentage of the rest of the Americans in this country if we will yield to the progressives and socialists and allow the borders to be open, with no requirement to go through check points. It would be bad enough to allow all the criminals, drug pushers, and human traffickers to slip into the country without any required checkpoints, but imagine what would happen if thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of people with the coronavirus and infectious diseases would stream into the country without any regard to their positivity rates for the coronavirus, or any realistic mechanism to get them tested, treated, and/or quarantined.

The mainstream press and the tech companies — Google, Facebook, and Twitter — can be counted on to continue to suppress anti-Biden information, and to never trumpet pro-Trump information, so the Republicans must find ways to get around these walls of newsprint and electronic Stalinism. They must not only knock on doorbells of Republicans, but more importantly of Democrats and Independents, and they must learn from Mayor Bloomberg who ran as a Republican in the ultra-liberal city of New York and won three times because he blanketed the mails with his flyers. In Israel’s War for Independence, the Israelis humanely gave up the element of surprise and dropped flyers from the sky to warn Arab civilians of their approach and save Arab lives. The press and the high tech companies may think they know it all, but they have abandoned the objective seekers of the truth. Until the press and the Stalinists who control high tech can be brought back to allowing both sides of issues to be discussed, the Republicans must go back to the methods that were used by the founders of our country, or they will go back to taxation and suppression, on many levels, without true representation.

By Ron A. Y. Rich

Ron A. Y. Rich considers himself to be a moderate who respects all points of view except the view of the people who suppress expressions of dissent.

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