Why Biden’s Attack on Gas Doesn’t Make Sense

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Since the inception of Biden’s Oval Office reign, the president (and his handlers) have taken up a crusade against all things fossil fuels. Likely, this agenda was instantiated to please a dying voter base incessantly concerned with climate change for one reason or another. Biden promised to “end fossil fuel” and “not cooperate with them” during his presidential campaign, which, ironically, is one of the few promises he’s fulfilled. But in fulfilling his promise to unleash a full-on attack against fossil fuels, he’s failed to deliver on his other promise of prosperity. Attacking one of America’s chief and most abundant means of generating GDP—fossil fuels—doesn’t make any rational sense from an economical and pragmatic standpoint. Biden is trampling Americans under his feet so he can win his war.

The most recent escape comes down from the federal arm of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The agency, led by Democrat Alexander Hoehn-Saric, motioned that gas stoves are a “potential hazard” to Americans and cites this hazard stems from indoor pollutant hazards. While the agency can claim night and day that it’s merely a safety issue, that is their motive; it’s beyond conspicuous that other Democrat-led jurisdictions have already banned natural gas hookups from buildings due to greenhouse gas concerns. There is already a narrative circulating in Democrat parties that natural gas and fossil fuels should be done away with. It is far from likely that gas stoves have been targeted out of benevolence for the American people, given Biden’s self-proclaimed disdain for fossil fuels. Green New Deal proponents, attempted recovery of a failing voter base, and whatever Deep State strings may be pulling at the Oval Office are probable causes for this newest reach on gas stoves.

Regulating gas stoves, too, is not only a waste of tax-payer-bought government person-hours, but it would prevent thousands of Americans from access to affordable means to prepare their meals. This would impact the very people Biden’s platform claims to run on. Those are low-income, urbanized Americans who prefer to use gas as a cheaper source of cooking heat. On top of that, nearly 40% of Americans use gas in the kitchen. An innocent motive for this regulation becomes demonstrably unclear, given its potential consequences. Not to mention, The United States is currently in a recession, and utility bills were one of the highest increases in monthly costs for Americans only a few months ago.

But we’ve seen this before. This pattern is far too typical to warrant a surprise. In 2021 Biden revoked the permits of the Keystone Pipeline, and with it came incredible consequences for average Americans. Thousands of people were laid off, and gas prices sky-rocketed in the following months. If Biden had let Keystone stand (and continue to provide thousands upon thousands of gallons of natural gas), Americans wouldn’t have suffered the gas-hikes of late 2022, which pushed them into food insecurity across the country. Neither would the president have had to buy fossil fuels from other countries or release barrels from the federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Alas, the Green agenda must be pursued, and the Democrat voter base must be pleased whatever the cost. Even if it means further burdening the average citizens (while promising them prosperity) and crippling one of America’s most abundant and profitable economic means.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart