Why socialism doesn’t work in one minute!

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In one minute, Rep. Dan Crenshaw explains why socialism doesn’t work. Socialism doesn’t work because it removes human incentive and we actually need incentives to be productive in our lives.

This is why socialism doesn’t work in 1 minute. Here’s the Truth. Socialism doesn’t work because it removes human incentive and we actually need incentives in our lives. I mean, we engage in economic activity, we produce things, we work because there is some kind of reward at the end. That’s basic human nature. Socialism goes against that basic human nature. So it actually believes that a few altruistic individuals will do all the work, with no rewards at the end. Now, of course that’s not true, that won’t actually happen. So how does socialism actually reach its end goal? Well, it forces people to work, takes their wages, infringes on their freedom, makes people do what the government wants them to do for the sake of the commune. It never actually works. It always ends up in despair. And that’s why Ronald Reagan fought so hard against the Soviet Union, to end the scourge of socialism. We should too.

Why Socialism Doesn’t Work In 55 Seconds

It has to do with the fact that in the Soviet Union, if you want to buy an automobile there was a 10-year wait, and you go through a quite a, process, when you’re ready to buy and then you put up the money in advance. So there was a young fella there that had finally made it and he was going through all the bureau’s and agencies that he had to go through and signing all the papers and finally got that last agency, where they put the stamp on it. The man then who had made the final stamp of the paper taken the money said, “All right come back in 10 years and get delivery of your car”. And he said, morning or afternoon? And the fella said, well 10 years from now, what difference does it make. He said, “The plumber is coming in the morning”.

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