Why Hair Salon Owner Says She’s Breaking the Law to Reopen

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UPDATE: (May 7, 2020) Texas Supreme Court orders salon owner be released from jail

Texas Supreme Court ruled that salon owner Shelley Luther be released from jail after defying the state’s coronavirus restrictions. The order comes after Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order retroactively eliminating jail time as a consequence for violating the restrictions. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick weighs in.

Like a lot of small businesses right now, hair salons are struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic. One Dallas, Texas salon owner has made the controversial decision to re-open her business in violation of Texas’s stay-at-home order shuttering all non-essential businesses. A mom of three, Shelly Luther said she feels she has no other choice. “It’s either come in and make money to be able to feed your family or stay home and freak out,” Shelly Luther told Inside Edition.

Judge Sentences Texas Salon Owner For Not Apologizing

Shelley Luther is a professional makeup artist and the owner of the Salon À la Mode in Dallas, Texas. She was sentenced to seven days in jail and a $7,000 fine for opening her salon despite the stay-at-home order and the state’s and county’s orders to close all non-essential businesses.

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