Why the WHO Pandemic Treaty Is a Horrible Deal

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FBI Director Christopher Wray has finally acknowledged that COVID-19 may have “leaked” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Wray has even gone so far as to conclude that there “may” have been some cover-up involved from the Chinese authorities and their Communist Party (CCP).

Of course, these things were reported here at The Epoch Times and elsewhere what feels like decades ago, but a tad of honesty for once is always appreciated.

We didn’t get much of that when it came to lockdowns (useless and destructive), masks (completely discredited), and vaccines (largely discredited).

Given all this, it boggles the mind our administration is playing into the hands of the CCP by participating in a deal currently being negotiated to give the World Health Organization (WHO) some form of international hegemony over future pandemics—real or imagined.

But never fear, our “fact-checking” friends at The Associated Press have stepped forward to correct the record.

“CLAIM: A legally-binding World Health Organization ‘pandemic treaty’ will give the organization the authority to control U.S. policies during a pandemic, including those on vaccines, lockdowns, school closures and more.

“AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The voluntary treaty, which is in draft form and is still far away from ratification, does not overrule any nation’s ability to pass individual pandemic-related policies, multiple experts, including one involved in the draft process, told The Associated Press. The treaty lays out broad recommendations related to international cooperation on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. Nowhere in the 30-page document are lockdowns, closures or specific citizen surveillance systems mentioned.”

But why would lockdowns, closures, or citizen surveillance need to be mentioned specifically? Aren’t they the very things we have seen employed in the “pandemic prevention, preparedness and response,” to horrific results nationally and internationally that are the putative reasons for this deal?

As is often the case, a game of semantics is being played here.

I reached out to 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for his response that, it turned out, explained the dangers of that game quite accurately.

By Roger L. Simon

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