Yes, trans surgeries are being done on minors. Here’s proof.

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Speak to anyone who has endured an abusive relationship and they’ll tell you that one of the worst forms of psychological manipulation that narcissistic abusers employ is gaslighting, wherein the abuser makes the abused party think they’re crazy. The corporate media has mastered this tactic with so-called “gender-affirming care,” refining it to a T.

Legacy press outlets have insisted, in lockstep with a seemingly predetermined narrative, that “gender-affirming surgeries” are most assuredly not being performed on minors or they are minimizing them if they are. They tell their audiences that those scrutinizing policies and practices at children’s hospitals nationwide are delusional right-wing lunatics threatening the hospital staff

But are minors being irreversibly maimed nowadays, as those dastardly right-wingers claim?

Yes, but don’t take my word for it. What follows is a sample of original source material showing doctors involved in these operations in recent years; these are gender clinicians speaking and writing in their own words in prominent peer-reviewed journals.

  1. In December 2018, the medical journal The Lancet (Diabetes & Endocrinology) published an article titled, “Gender-affirming hormones and surgery in transgender children and adolescents,” which amalgamated “findings on mental health outcomes, cognitive and physical effects, side-effects, and safety variables” on cross-sex hormones and surgical interventions in youth. These measures in females, the article’s summary states, “are associated with improvements in mental health and quality of life.” The journal does admit that vaginoplasty surgeries are “extremely scarce” for under-18 individuals. But even if they are rare, what explains the media’s hurried rush to assure us that they are not happening? Isn’t one maimed minor, one too many? 
  2. Back in 2014, a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine noted that “despite the minimum age of 18 as eligibility to undergo irreversible procedures, anecdotal reports show that vaginoplasties of female-affirmed patients younger than 18 have been performed by surgeons, thereby contravening the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care.” It must be noted here that these vaunted WPATH guidelines are basically a smokescreen of suggestions. They are certainly not hard and fast rules that are enforced by relevant patient-safety laws. And might we ask why the mass media is so uninterested in looking into these “anecdotal reports” of minors?
  3. In a 2017 Journal of Sexual Medicine article titled “Age is Just a Number: WPATH-affiliated surgeons’ Experiences and Attitudes Toward Vaginoplasties in Transgender females under 18 years of age in the United States,” it is documented that “[o]f the 11 surgeons who had performed vaginoplasty on a transgender female minor, 10 were in private practice. Reported ages of minors undergoing surgery ranged from 15 to ‘a day before 18’ years.” The article goes on to explain that while there was no unanimous recall among the surgeons interviewed of who had performed such a surgery on “the youngest,” one surgeon stated that a boy who had been operated on in this way “was just on the cusp of turning 16.” So much for these brutal genital surgeries “not happening” to kids, right? And, last I checked, the age of 15 on the cusp of 16 is still legally considered a “minor,” no?
  4. What about double mastectomies on young women, including minor girls? These have been happening for several years now and the numbers are rising, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Most disturbingly, as journalist Lisa Selin Davis detailed in an April Substack essay, these surgeries are widely marketed to minor girls and photographic evidence of this abounds. 

By Brandon Showalter

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