3 Percent of Nevada Mail Ballots in Question After Survey Finds Defrauded Voters

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An audit of 1,440 Nevada mail-ballots suggests that 2 percent of the ballots were cast on behalf of voters who never received a ballot in the mail and 1 percent of them were cast on behalf of voters who said did not vote at all.

Baselice and Associates conducted the audit for the legal team representing the Trump campaign in Nevada. The firm called up the voters identified on each mail ballot. The findings suggest that 3 percent of the ballots were cast by someone other than the person identified on the ballot.

The legal team presented the findings during a call with reporters on Dec. 2,2020 during which attorneys previewed the outlines of a lawsuit pending in Carson City, Nevada. A court hearing on the case is scheduled for Dec. 3, 2020.

The judge in the case ordered on Dec. 3, 2020 that the Trump team be allowed to inspect election machines. The legal team said that while they requested to perform a forensic audit, Clark County officials merely provided “a guided tour.”

“Machines were not usable, and we were not able to make a determination about the accuracy and integrity of the election process based on this inspection,” a press briefing from the team states. “We are entitled to a computer forensic inspection in accordance with the judge’s order. We were prevented from doing one. This was a digital election and we were not allowed a digital inspection. The ‘inspection’ today was like trying to determine if a car had failed brakes without getting underneath the car.”

The lawsuit—Law v. Whitmer—was filed by the presidential electors for Trump against the presidential electors for former Vice President Joe Biden.

The central thrust of the election challenge focuses on ballots that the Trump team alleges were illegally cast. That includes 130,000 Clark County ballots, the signatures on which were verified solely by a machine that the plaintiffs allege was not operated properly.

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