6 Takeaways From Ray Epps’s Jan. 6 Panel Testimony

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The House Jan. 6 Committee on Dec. 29 released a transcript of the panel’s interview with Ray Epps, whose role in the Capitol Breach has been much scrutinized.

In his testimony, Epps describes himself as a well-meaning supporter of former President Donald Trump who only attended the rally to protect his son, who was also attending.

He quickly disavowed any connection with federal law enforcement during the testimony.

“[D]id you ever work in law enforcement?” an interviewer asked.

“No,” Epps replied.

“Did you ever work for the FBI?”

“No,” Epps replied again.

“Did you have any communications or interactions with law enforcement when packing first aid for your trip to Washington, DC?” Epps was asked later.

“Not that I know of, no, Sir,” Epps replied before clarifying, “I didn’t—I don’t know of any officers that I ever talked to.”

FBI was asked by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) if Epps worked for them during a Jan. 11, 2022, Senate hearing.

“Ms. Sanborn, who is Ray Epps?” Cruz (R-Texas) questioned Jill Sanborn, the executive assistant director for the National Security Branch of the FBI.

“I’m aware of the individual, sir,” Sanborn said. “I don’t have the specific background on him.”

Sanborn also dodged Cruz’s question of whether Epps was a federal government employee.

Epps Describes Night of Jan. 5

In his testimony describing the night of Jan. 5, when he was captured on video encouraging protesters to enter the Capitol the next day, Epps claimed that he was simply trying to protect his family that night.

“The—the night of the 5th, I was—I was trying to protect them [his family] from the—I don’t know what the guy calls himself, Baked Alaska or something,” Epps said, referencing a well-known right-wing internet celebrity who was present at the Jan. 6 rally.

“He was trying to incite violence on the police, trying to get other people involved, and I was—tried to calm him down,” Epps said. “I don’t—I don’t believe the police ever said anything to me.”

By Joseph Lord and Madalina Vasiliu

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