A Transgressive Disaster

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The older I get, my hearing and vision isn’t necessarily the problem; rather, it is believing what I hear and see. To wit: the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” voted on last week in The House of Representatives.

The bill’s resolve is to amend Title IX’s legislation regarding women’s athletics where “sex shall be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.” The bill says plenty about the polarization and politicization of transgenderism that is symbolic of today’s devolving culture where an addendum is desperately needed.

Predictably, the vote went strictly along party lines with all Republicans supporting it, while every Democrat voted against it. Given the bill’s necessity in Orwellian America, I couldn’t help but think of one particular episode in the highly acclaimed 2010 HBO series The Pacific that chronicled  the Marine Corps’ numerous island-hopping campaigns during World War II.

The scene upfolds as Marine Eugene Sledge boards an amtrack in the darkened bowels of a navy warship. As the hatch opens to unleash the tracks from their bay, the light is blinding. Within minutes, Sledge and his fellow Marines hit the beaches at Peleliu under extreme fire. Only one percent of those survivors are still with us.

I often wonder how they would feel about how their grandchildren are so divided over legislation to protect girls from competing, sharing locker rooms and showers with boys who think they are girls.

What is lost on Democrats is that Title IX was meant to correct sex discrimination, not enforce it.

Are Democrats simply blind loyalists to a deeply flawed political ideology or cowards unable to stand for what they truly believe is right? Or is it that they no longer believe that boys in athletics have innate advantages over girls? Instead, they view the transgendered as victims rather than suffering mentally.  

Cue Rod Serling, another decorated World War II veteran, and his notorious Twilight Zone theme. Even Serling’s boundless capacity to write creative futuristic fiction would have an issue with such insanity in 2023 America.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke truth to power saying, “There’s a reason why there’s men and women’s sports. . . it’s about fairness.” Florida Republican Greg Steube, one of the bill’s sponsors, added that Congress first passed Title IX “to enable women to have an equal playing field in athletics.”

Women have spent decades fighting for equal opportunities and Title IX ensured they had a level playing field. Allowing men to compete against them is its antithesis. Men’s and women’s sports exist due to fairness.  Recall in 2017, a U-15 boys soccer team from Texas beat the world champion USA women’s team 5-2 in a “practice” game.

Seemingly dismissed is how girls are not clamoring to compete against boys. MMA fighter Jack Shields has challenged any gender-confused woman to a bout. Guess how many have accepted?


Such politically driven ideology deprives girls of opportunities as gender is consciously divorced from one’s biological sex. Girls should not be forced to compete against boys in sports. No issue underscores the leftist agenda more than transgenderism that places the desires of the few above the many. Who could possibly be happy with such circumstances and for what reasons? There is nothing woke or progressive in rolling back women’s rights and protections.

The deconstruction of traditional male and female roles has led to confusion that is the impetus for falling birth rates to the decay of the nuclear family.

This legislation puts the rule of law where one cannot change their biological sex at will.  Such insanity begs the question if changing one’s sex is acceptable, what about changing one’s race?

Where are the pink hats of the feminists? They should be justifiably up in arms, but nary a word unless it is anything pro-abortion.  One would hope that all women affected by this ongoing issue would vote accordingly.

However, in today’s Orwellian America that may be too much to ask.

For those who oppose such common sense, the Senate revealed they will not debate it, while President Biden has said provided the bill ever did make it to his desk, he would veto it.  

As such, this insanity continues.

By G. Maresca

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