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I’m sure that everyone knows what a woman is, or at least I thought so. A woman is a person with a female reproductive system, containing two ovaries, as well as a uterus, establishing the distinction between a man and a woman. As of today, the Cambridge dictionary has redefined the meaning of the word woman. Contemporarily, Cambridge defines a woman as, “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth”. Accordingly, Cambridge includes the sentence, “Mary is a woman who was assigned male at birth”. Are you kidding me? How can people be so idiotic? Total lunacy, for anyone to believe such a thing. A woman is someone who can give birth and be a mother. For all of U.S. and international history, women have been characterized as individuals who are able to give birth and become mothers. God intended for this, and such is true. Of course, this redefining of women is all a means of indoctrination. But why?

The left believes this atrocity. In fact, when Joe Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R), of Tennessee, asked Mrs. Jackson, if she knew what a woman is. You would imagine that someone being nominated to the highest court of our republic, would give a straightforward answer. However, Jackson’s answer was preposterous. Jackson went to state how there is no straight definition of a woman. “I’m not a biologist”, she said. As of now, Jackson is serving on the United States Supreme Court. God help us.

Moreover, if by the very means of identification, I say that from one day to the other, I am a millionaire, does that make me one? Indubitably and emphatically, no. For all of human history, man has been man and woman has been a woman. Let me give you the facile definition of a woman. As previously stated, someone who gives birth. Can a biological male give birth? Absolutely not. In this very sense, this is why we as men value women so much. They are warriors, they deliver our children, and they are there when we are sick. Indeed, women are essential.

Are there differences between the two genders? Well, there are many biological and psychological differences. For example, men are, on average, significantly more aggressive and stronger than women. Men do not have ovaries or uterus’, women do. On average, women tend to possess a slightly higher IQ than men. Women are able to give birth. I would like to restate the analogy that Ben Shapiro used, questioning a student on this very issue. Ben Shapiro inquired of the student, “Why aren’t you 60”? By 60, he was referring to age. The student was left perplexed, stuttering and stuttering, unable to give an assiduous answer. Well, just as you cannot change your age, you cannot change your gender. Indeed, gender is innate. The very fact that there exists a group of people who believe in this sophistry, is chilling.

Furthermore, the left always enjoys patting themselves on the back. Personally, I don’t know the reason they would, yet they think they are such morally superior people. Remember how they always attack Republicans for “hating” women. “Republicans hate women”, they say. However, isn’t the democratic party, the same party that has advocated for the integration of men into women’s sports, negatively impacting women? Indeed, they are. Therefore, how can they say with a straight face, that Republicans “despise” women. I would like to ask liberals to tell me what a woman is. But then again, many of them aren’t biologists.

The United States of woke is beginning to frighten me. Conceptualize such a world where anyone can “identify as whoever they want and society will recognize them as such. That is abhorrent to conceive. For example, imagine that a biological male, identifies as a woman, and according to laws and societal “religion”, decides to enter the women’s bathroom and end up raping a biological woman. What if that was your daughter, your wife? I personally, don’t know what I would do. I would be enraged in such a fashion that I am scared of what I would do to the perpetrator. To imagine, will soon be to endure. We, as a society, as a group of people, need to realize that this is no joke.

Additionally, this push for “inclusivity”, for “equality”, all it truly is, is a distraction. A distraction from the failures of the Biden administration. Joe Biden and his party have nothing to run one. Zero accomplishments. Therefore, they are trying to win over a very dearth percentage of the US population, the LGBTQ+ community. As such, as of yesterday, Joe Biden signed the “Respect for marriage” act, legalizing gay marriage, when it had already been legalized in Obergefell V. Hedges. He truly is moronic. They talk an awful lot about being benign to minorities, such as the gay community, yet, where is the respect for the religious community, a much larger and predominant population of our nation? Should we just forget about them? The “Respect for marriage” act is simply an unconstitutional distraction that the democrats yearned for.

Friends, the state of our nation is abysmal. The catastrophe that we face as a society, as citizens, I don’t think could be greater. Democrats are destroying our republic, the very foundations that built it. The left controls the educational system, big tech (although subject to change), as well as the culture of our society. Democrats know how to twist words and redefine linguistics. How can there be people who can’t meticulously define what a woman is. It’s not a difficult question, yet some find the question arduous to answer. This used to not be a problem. What changed? The rise of the LGBTQ+ community, in conjunction with the Democratic party. Do you think Andrew Jackson, JFK, Martin Van Buren, FDR, as well as Harry Truman, would support this? I don’t think they would. Are we going to be so willing to ignore this “societal corruption”? Think about what effect it is going to have on this generation, on your children, on your families. This needs to stop. Part of the reason I began a Conservative club in my high school is this very reason. I cannot allow for the indoctrination of students, of children.

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