Who’s Indoctrinating Your Kids?

Contact Your Elected Officials

This is the battle of our lifetime.

Why do so many Americans seem unaware of the prolific examples of child abuse happening at a granular level in our culture? If not that, then complicit and on board with harming youth. Neither choice is comforting or can be ignored any longer.

The recent Twitter revelations concerning child porn should have jarred people fully awake.

Every adult has a sacred duty to protect the innocent, and a society that cannot manage to do so for the majority of children is destined to disintegrate.

Listen to an excerpt from our latest podcast, and please get shaken enough to become part of the fortress under construction to defend our children, our culture, and our way of life going forward.

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  • American Girl company promotes transgenderism – see here.
  • Dean of Chicago private school captured on video by Project Veritas promoting minors’ dildos and butt plugs – see here.
  • Gays against Groomers – see here.
  • Access information and support  push back to this agenda at Christopher Rufo’s foundation – see here.
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    By Bekah Lyons

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