Chart of the Day: Sabotaging Power Plants All Over America – What Is Happening?

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The recent attack on two North Carolina substations that cut power to thousands of people has raised concerns about security standards for the country’s electric grid and its numerous power stations, which have faced greater threats in recent years. See a report from CBS News above.

Nearly 600 electric emergency incidents and disturbances were caused by suspected and confirmed physical attacks and vandalism on the electric grid in those nine years, the reports show. There have been 106 attack or vandalism incidents from January through August 2022, which is the latest the Energy Department data tracks.

Among the years reviewed by NBC News, 2022 is the first that reached triple digits, and it only contains eight months of data. See the rising trend in the chart below and learn more here.

The incidents, which are mostly self-reported by power companies to the federal government, provide little to no detail about what occurred. But experts said they could range from theft of copper wire to planned assaults aimed at causing power disruptions, as is what is suspected of having happened in North Carolina.

So what could be happening here?

Nobody is trying to claim that the string of attacks that we have been witnessing is “accidental,” and ABC News is reporting that “federal authorities are investigating” this very disturbing trend. Officials are calling this “an intentional and coordinated attack” planned in advance. Consider the following possibilities that could explain these events.

  • One-off vandals that are merely angry with life and take it out their frustrations on local infrastructure to get in the news and feel as if they can be somebody.
  • Eco-terrorists – environmental activism can take different shapes and forms. A radical branch with decades-long history advocates for the use of violence to bring attention to lesser-known causes and stand up against policies that threaten the slow-paced destruction of the Earth’s natural resources.
  • Government psyop (foreign or domestic)? Is it not strange that this many terror events can occur, and we know so little about them? We can find January 6th “protesters” with high-tech facial recognition in hours – but not identify who is doing the escalating 100s of sabotage attacks on our infrastructure.

We have now witnessed many events across the world where governments have engaged in psychological warfare. It is only a matter of time before a major sabotage attack occurs on our infrastructure and takes out for days a massive region of the country. One can only speculate what effect this will have on people living in this region.

A government psyop sounds far-fetched? We now even have official government recruitment to find people to go into these kinds of programs – see here. Below is a recent recruitment video from the US Army, and learn more here.

In any event, this is a story to be watched. Give us your take on who and what could be the source of these recent infrastructure sabotage attacks in the comment section below.

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