Ahmaud Arbery Update – Has Colion Noir’s Position Changed?

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Since this video’s release I’ve been hounded by comments telling me to take my video down, that I should have waited for the facts, I’m a race-baiter, I look stupid, he broke the law, etc, etc, etc. So, since the release of this video have my opinions changed? Well, let’s find out.

Colion Noir’s Thoughts On The Ahmaud Arbery Case

I hate cardio, but from time to time I’ll go for a run around my neighborhood. On these runs, I always carry a gun. With that said, If three guys in a truck with guns pulled up next to me telling me to, “Stop, we want to talk to you”. I’m not stopping!

If they then pull their truck in front of me blocking the road and get out holding a shotgun, that’s the universal language for, “Do what I tell you or I’m going to use this gun to make you”.

At that point, my gun comes out, and may the best man win. I don’t think there’s a pro 2A person alive that would disagree with my actions. Now, replace me with Ahmed Aubrey, except he didn’t have a gun only his sheer will to fight for his life.

This is America, not Gotham City, you don’t have a right to roll around like your batman pulling guns on people because you think they may have committed a crime based on a description so broad it encompasses an entire group of people.

If you’re literally watching me commit a crime, cool, do what you need to do within reason to stop the crime from happening.

However, if you only suspect that I’ve committed a crime based on the way I look, call the cops and tell them where I am, because if you’re wrong and you stop me with a gun in your hands, I’m going to think you’re trying to kill me and I’m going to do everything in my power to stop you.

The castle doctrine or stand your ground doesn’t only count if you have a gun. That’s exactly what Ahmaud Arbery did, he stood his ground only he didn’t have a gun.

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