Alex Jones in the “War Room” to Talk About His New Film and Book, His Life, Lawsuits and more.

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Alex Jones of visits the “War Room” to talk about how RINOs stand in the way of America First winning the 2022 mid-term elections and how America is ruining its example of a free nation by ruining its on freedom.

Alex Jones: ‘The Republicans Need to Get on the Offensive’ But RINOs Stand in the Way

Alex Jones: America Can’t be the Prime Example for the World if it Continues to Ruin its Freedoms

Alex Jones of visits the “War Room” to talk about a new film called “Alex’s War,” which profiles his fight against the globalist agenda, and his new book called “The Great Reset: And the War for the World.” Jones starts his segment by talking about his admiration for Steve Bannon and praising him for fighting against the global elites. Then he pivots in the second segment to giving a breakdown of how the globalists at Davos and DC are intent on a transition that will lead not to a better world, but to a new feudalism, where most people will serve the state and a precious few will rule with an iron fist.

Part 1: Alex Jones Applauds Steve Bannon For Standing Up Against Establishment

Part 2: Alex Jones Explains The Creation And End Goals For The Globalists’ Great Reset

Part 3: Alex Jones On Law-Fare Being Raged On Populists Leaders To Silence The Movement

Alex Jones: Two Court Trials Dates Assigned To Jones Occur ‘Simultaneously’ In Order To Silence Him

Alex Jones Reveals His Early Life Formation That Propelled Him To Take On New World Order Today

In this fascinating segment, host Steve Bannon talks to Infowars founder Alesx Jones about how he became Alex Jones. Pay attention to the reading list of the young Alex Jones, including Zbigniew Brzezinksi, the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Julius Caesar and more. If you want to understand the world, you had better do the work.

Alex Jones: ‘We’re At The Same Crossroads’ As Our Founding Fathers

Alex Jones Discusses Having To Spend Over ‘$10 Million’ To Fight The Regime’s ‘Show Trials’

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