America’s Forgotten: The Illegal Immigration Documentary

Revealing the human and material cost of illegal immigration

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America’s Forgotten is a powerful film by Namrata Singh Gujral about the unintended consequences of America’s broken immigration system which leaves a slew of victims in its rudderless wake.

Shot around the world in the USA, India, Middle East, Mexico and Central America; America’s Forgotten reveals the staggering human and material cost of illegal immigration, from across the globe to the US. The film focuses on lost American jobs and wages, but especially American lives lost, because of illegal immigration.

The documentary, directed by award winning filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral explores death, torture and hardship surrounding illegal immigration in the U.S., a topic so sensitive, especially in Hollywood, that the film contains the following disclaimer: “Due to the possible political backlash all credits have been voluntarily withheld by the crew of this film.”

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America’s Forgotten to Have Exclusive World Premiere on SalemNow

Salem Media Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SALM) today announced it is premiering the film “America’s Forgotten” on its SalemNow platform. With reviews calling it “Explosive” (Newsweek) and “Revolutionary” (Daily Wire), “America’s Forgotten” is the stunning new documentary on illegal immigration, by award winning filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral.

Responding to the hundreds of requests from interested audiences, “America’s Forgotten” opens today exclusively on SalemNow for a World Premiere of the film. The film, initially set to hit theaters this October, went digital due to the Covid-19 circumstances. SalemNow is proud to host a weeklong exclusive world premiere for Uniglobe Entertainment’s new documentary “America’s Forgotten” on October 9, 2020. The premiere comes ahead of the film’s October 16th nationwide multi-platform release.

SalemNow is Salem Media Group’s Pay-Per-View video content platform targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values and is home to renowned films such as “No Safe Spaces,” “Uncle Tom,” and now, “America’s Forgotten.”

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Amazon and Netflix have now refused to air this documentary because it does not fit their narrative. The truth often doesn’t. You can, however, watch America’s Forgotten on:

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