An Honest History of Black People and the Democrat Party

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It’s time to be honest about the history of black people in the Democrat Party. I’ve been hearing a lot of lies. Who is the party of chains? Who is the party of racism? Let’s set the record straight once and for all. You ready?

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. Lincoln wanted to free the slaves. Democrats fought a war to keep their slaves. Republican President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in America. Democrat slave owners were furious. Lincoln made equality for all black people part of the official Republican Party platform.

Republicans wrote and passed the 13th Amendment ending slavery forever in the United States. Most Democrats voted against it. Republicans wrote and passed the 14th Amendment and granted citizenship and equal protection under the law to former slaves. No Democrats voted for it. Republicans vote and pass the 15th amendment allowing black Americans the right to vote. No Democrats voted for it.

The first black senator was a Republican. The first black member of the US House of Representatives, a Republican and former slave. In fact, the first 23 African American members of Congress vote all Republican. While Republicans were electing black people to Congress, the Democrats were founding the KKK. The KKK was founded in opposition to the Republican Party. The KKK dedicated itself to a campaign of violence against Republicans leaders and voters, both black and white. The KKK wanted white supremacy fulfilled through electing Democrats. Democrat states passed racist Jim Crow laws that dehumanized black people.

Republican President Dwight D Eisenhower sent the National Guard to protect black students integrating into all white schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. Who opposed this? The Democrats who ran that state. A segregationist Democrat ran for president every cycle into the 1980s.

The Civil Rights Act outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, or sex. By percentage, more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats. Republican President Nixon use federal powers to desegregate even more states. Black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, nominated by George H.W. Bush. His son George W Bush started an Aids program that saved over 13 million live mostly, in Africa.

President Trump restored funding to historically black colleges and universities. President Trump passed the first step act achieving landmark Criminal Justice Reform. President Trump passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which featured opportunity zones, incentiving long-term investments in low income communities.

Under President Trump, unemployment for black Americans fell to the lowest number Americans have ever seen, and black wages rose to the highest number in history. Meanwhile, Democratic governor of Virginia wears blackface multiple times and remains in office while Joe Biden tells me I am not black unless I vote for him. So tell me, who are the real racist? Who wants to keep you in bondage? Be free. Live free. That is my right as an American.

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