Analysis: How many convicted felons were in the crowd that chased Kyle Rittenhouse? (op-ed)

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KENOSHA, WI – On Tuesday, August 25, at around 11:45 P.M., police were called to the scene of a multiple shooting at 63rd and Sheridan.

They found three people with gunshot wounds, two were deceased, the third survived.

They are:

Joseph Rosenbaum, 36: Served twelve years in prison for a sexual offense against a minor.

Anthony Huber, 26: Found guilty of multiple violent offenses, including strangulation 

Gaige Grosskreutz, 26: Convicted of burglary and weapons charges

All three men are felons. All were shot by 17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse during a Black Lives Matter protest/riot.

Kyle Rittenhouse was there, armed with an AR-15, to help protect businesses and civilians from violence. Earlier in the day, he was photographed cleaning graffiti left by vandals on local buildings.

From videos taken of the scene, many – including his legal team – argue that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, though that is a matter to be resolved in court. For now, he has been charged with first degree intentional homicide.

See the scene photos and videos referred to by Attorney John Pierce in The New York Times article.

While Kyle’s future is dealt with in the courts, it is interesting to look at the number of felons he shot in the context of the crowd size at the scene.

It is difficult to count them because the video is too dark to easily identify when a person appears more than once because they have run into camera range, out, and then back in again.

That said, the number of rioters near Rittenhouse at the two shooting locations, a parking lot and a nearby street, appear to number at least 50. Earlier video showed what appeared to be no less than 100 Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa rioters. 

From a statistical point of view, it is interesting that Rittenhouse fired on three people and all three happened to be felons convicted of violent offenses. 

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Kyle Rittenhouse is being represented by Attorney John Price.

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