AOC Makes Surprise Admission About US Capitol Police ‘Opening the Doors’ on Jan. 6

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) claimed Wednesday that the U.S. Capitol Police were “opening the doors” for individuals who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Ocasio-Cortez made the comment in reference to a comedian, Alex Stein, having posted a video that appeared to troll the socialist lawmaker about her dress and appearance.

Authorities never “got to the bottom” of whether Capitol Police officers were “opening the doors” on Jan. 6.

“There were actual officers working with this, and we never got to the bottom of that, and we never got any answers about that,” Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday, adding that “we’re not safe” at the Capitol. “I have no idea what happened to the people on the inside, who were very clearly sympathetic with what was going on and opening the doors wide open for that.”

And on Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez responded to her own comments to reporters and called on viewers to “remember how there was tons of footage and evidence of officers [and] others inside” on Jan. 6 who were allegedly “supporting” people who breached the Capitol.

“But then everyone decided it was too politically risky to investigate thoroughly so they brushed under the rug and now we still have no idea who or what is safe?” she asked.

Regardless of her intention, Ocasio-Cortez’s comment about officers “opening the doors” is one of the first from a prominent Democrat lawmaker about whether Capitol Police officers opened up the famous Columbus Doors, which weigh 10 tons, before allowing Jan. 6 protesters inside the Capitol Rotunda.

Earlier this year, a defense attorney representing one of the Jan. 6 defendants wrote to federal prosecutors about the alleged incident. It came as a Department of Justice video showed a man attempting to open the inner doors before turning around as if to listen to someone before opening the left Columbus Door for protesters.

By Jack Phillips

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