Are Americans Apathetic to Child Grooming?

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Are Americans Apathetic to Child Grooming?

What does it mean when a society or a culture cannot agree that children should be protected above all else?

Western culture today is inundated with the indoctrinated militant wing LGBTQ+ dogma. No, I am not stating that all LGBTQ+ endorse this agenda, but a strident political arm of the movement does. There can be no doubt that the liberal progressive Democrat party does. The concept and social compact of ” live and let live” are so passé now that somehow it has morphed into I am entitled to force you and your children to participate in your “thang.”

School boards, government, woke media, entertainment, parts of the medical establishment, academia, and corporations are now pushing this insanity down our throats and causing immense irreparable harm to the most vulnerable among us. Here is a clue- Equity , diversity and inclusion should never be allowed in a healthy society to justify child abuse!

Take a listen to just the latest examples this week from our podcast and be brave enough to ask the question out loud…
If you say nothing against this are you not complicit in abusing the innocent?

  • Watch the Pastor hand the microphone over to Drag Queen to sing “Peace On Earth” to a church filled with children – see here.
  • Follow up on Balenciaga, more evidence when stylist social media accounts show a long history of satanic ritual endorsement – see here.
  • Disney shoots a scene for the Christmas series where children hold up a sign that reads we love Satan – see here.
  • Dystopian: Canadian fashion company promotes suicide in Ad – see here.
  • Watch the Ad here.
  • Finally, let us think back on last week’s podcast on groupthink and mass formation psychosis. How do these cultural stories get little to no attention? We end the podcast tonight with James O’Keefe’s explosive whistleblower about the government (HHS) knowingly facilitating child sex trafficking – see here.
  • Gays against Groomers – see here.
  • Access information and support  push back to this agenda at Christopher Rufo’s foundation – see here.

By Bekah Lyons

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