Are you paying attention, yet? Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Coverups

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On Jack Posobiec’s podcast on Human Events Daily he discusses the Ghislaine Maxwell case, beginning with the revealing of the Epstein Lolita Express photos in the case. He talks about the investigation of the close ties between Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jean-Luc Brunel, and about Ghislaine Maxwell’s belief that her billionaire father was murdered. Also during the trial, an Epstein victim reveals that Ghislaine ‘tortured and abused me’.

Jack Posobiec: “Of course, I said before many, many times this case is not about an investigation. They are not telling us the truth of the Epstein Network. What they’re doing is covering it all up and making it out so that Ghislaine Maxwell will go away. I predict she will be convicted. I’ll be shocked if she’s not, but we’ll see. The case is wrapping up much quicker than anyone anticipated. Originally they told us six weeks, now it looks like it’s going to be cut down to two weeks, probably actually shorter, when all said and done, shorter than the Kyle Rittenhouse case. So that everything that Ghislaine Maxwell was doing, everything that Jeffrey Epstein was doing, it’s going to boil down to a two week case, in the dead of winter, right before Christmas, when most people are checked out, and that’s when the verdict will come in. Are you paying attention, yet? These people know exactly what they’re doing, and that’s why James Comey’s daughter [Maurene Comey] is leading the prosecution.”

PARIS — A modeling agent [Jean-Luc Brunel] associated with disgraced U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein has been charged in France with sexual harassment and the rape of minors over 15 years old.

Jean-Luc Brunel was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation on Wednesday at Charles de Gaulle airport as he was preparing to take a flight to Senegal. Read More

A former model who testified to French police that she was drugged and raped as a teenager by an associate of disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein said she was ”happy” after the modeling agent was taken into custody at Paris’ main airport for an array of suspected sex crimes.

The French agent, Jean-Luc Brunel, was detained on Wednesday at Charles de Gaulle airport and was being held in police custody for questioning, the Paris prosecutors’ office said.

Speaking to the Associated Press on Friday, a day after Brunel was detained, 47-year-old Dutch former model Thysia Huisman said she knew her case was past the statute of limitation but reported him anyway just to inspire other victims to come forward.

Huisman is among women who have accused Brunel of rape and sexual assault, as part of what has become a broad French probe into alleged sexual exploitation of women and girls by Epstein and his circle.

She said she suffered from depression, partied hard and used drugs to try and numb her pain.

Huisman hopes she will be able to face Brunel in court and ask him why her ‘no’ meant ‘yes’ to him.

“I just want to look him in the eyes and tell him what he did to me,” she said.

Brunel’s lawyer in Paris wasn’t immediately available to comment on his arrest.

The list of multiple possible charges includes rape and sexual assault, including of minors aged 15 and older, and the suspected trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation.

At this point, Brunel has not been formally charged.

Brunel was considered central to the French investigation because he was a frequent companion of Epstein, who traveled often to France and had an apartment in Paris.

Epstein killed himself August 10, 2019, in a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

One of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, has alleged that Brunel procured women, some of them minors, for sex with Epstein and other people, luring them with promises of modeling work.

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