Arizona Lawmaker Advises People to Put up ‘No Trespassing’ Signs to Deter Door-to-Door Vaccine Checks

Daniel J Miller
Daniel J. Miller, 61, of Parks, Ariz., and his dog Buddy go for a walk on July 8 in front of their house. Miller said he won't take the COVID-19 vaccine even if federal employees come knocking at his door. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)
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At age 61, Daniel J. Miller of Parks, Arizona, says there’s no way he’s ever going to take the COVID-19 shot—even if the government comes knocking at his door.

It isn’t just a matter of his religious beliefs and faith in his own natural immune system that emboldens him, it’s a matter of personal choice and medical privacy, Miller says.

So when the Biden administration announced earlier this week that it’s considering sending people door to door to persuade the unvaccinated, Miller’s reaction was, “He’s got to be out of his mind.”

“[President Joe Biden] is way out of bounds,” Miller said. “There’s no reason for him to say take the shot just because he thinks you should. It’s your body, not his.”

Earlier this week, Biden lobbied for higher numbers of Americans to get vaccinated even if it means going “community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oft-times door to door, literally knocking on doors.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich was quick to respond. In a July 6 letter to the Biden administration, Brnovich said he was “greatly alarmed” by remarks indicating the possible use of medical records to obtain contact information on Americans who haven’t been vaccinated.

“If this is the case, this is a severe breach of privacy, and I will not tolerate such intrusions within Arizona,” Brnovich wrote.

Arizona state Sen. Kelly Townsend, a Republican, advised Arizona residents to put up “no trespassing” signs to ward off government compliance checkers.

“I have spoken to local law enforcement, and if you don’t want the Federal government on your property asking about vaccines, they advise you to post a no trespassing sign in a visible location. This is a prerequisite to [being] able to charge someone for being there against your will,” Townsend wrote on Twitter on July 7.


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