Austria’s Massive New Vax Mandate Move Likely Directed To US Market

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“What’s the bigger picture of the global response to Covid?” As a European parliamentarian puts it sarcastically, “Take your jabs and get your freedom back!” Watch her in the first part of this segment, and then listen to Ben Harnwell, the War Room’s foreign editor, and host Steve Bannon put it all in perspective:

Harnwell: “Austria announced last week that they would be having the first0-in-Europe mandatory vaccinations… The fine will be from $4,000 per person every three months, and it will be applied to all 14-year-olds. That will apply to well over 1 million adults, and 3 million Austrians in total.”

Bannon: “They’re essentially saying if you don’t get vaccinated, you’re not going to be able to stay in your apartment or pay the mortgage opn your house. They’re essentially taking 25-30 percent, maybe 40 percent, of your income every 90 days. That’s a hammer.”

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