Bannon: You Lied And Threw Money On A Dumpster Fire

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Host Stephen K. Bannon goes on a righteous rant against the global elites and progressive Democrats who have figured out the perfect formula for tyranny. Fake the votes and then bankrupt the country with massive spending bills and runaway inflation.

“Look at the people they’ve got coming on TV every day talking about the finances and economics of the country. Look at the smartest guys they put up there, Krugman and all these guys, [saying] ‘Inflation doesn’t matter. Modern monetary theory. It’s transitory.’ NO! Those were lies. It was not missed calls. You lied. OK, you lied. You’ve been throwing money and cash on this burning dumpster fire that is your economy. The burning dumpster fire and now it’s roaring out of control, and who’s gonna pay for it? Working class and middle class people.”

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